pictures of a house cat

Simple photos of a house cat.

Our featured image is a gem.  Yoyo is a friendly, curious, well-behaved (for the most part) house cat.  He needs to be trained on some issues.  Recently, he had his first visit to the veterinarian.  She told us that he is no more than 8 months old.  The SPCA must have had incorrect information and had indicated he was a year old now.  So, perhaps, he will grow to be a little larger over the next few months.


cat face closeup


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happiness is a state of mind and other thoughts

Happiness is a state of mind that ultimately is not dependent on external conditions or factors.

It can be a trap we fall into when we concentrate too heavily, too narrowly on the goal or the outcome or the destination, and do not accept the fact that life is an ongoing process, a journey.  We can consciously choose not to limit our thinking to hoped for, worked for future results.  We can look out the window of the train and enjoy the scenery and not worry so much about whether the train is on time or not.  After all, we only ever have the present moment as we cannot live in the future or in the past.

I guess those are poinsettias in this shopping mall hanging holiday decoration.




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a paradox of knowledge and awareness

The more you know, the more you realize there is even more you do not know.  This is the substance of what a lecturer told us one morning in a large lecture hall at university.  (8:00 a.m. classes were rough for some of us night owls.)

Specifically, he said that when you receive your bachelor’s degree, you know some things and you realize that there is much you do not know.  Later, if you continue your education and earn a master’s degree, you know even more than you knew with just your bachelor’s degree but you are also aware that there is an even larger amount of knowledge that you do not know.  This process continues for those who labor for and achieve their doctorates (PhD). Yes, one at the doctoral level knows much by human standards, but he/she is even more acutely aware of an ever larger body of knowledge that is still beyond their reach (or perhaps, grasp).  With greater knowledge comes a larger awareness of how finite our knowledge is.


China girl painting


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circumcision: dialog with a pediatric nurse

There are many myths surrounding routine infant male circumcision in the United States.

What is rarely thought about by parents when they consider letting the doctors and/or interns circumcise their son(s) is the child’s right to bodily integrity.  And, too many Americans (including US pediatricians) are woefully ignorant as to the function of the foreskin.

We thought we would share this recent exchange between us and a circumcisionist over on YouTube (the link to the video with comments is below).


circumcision in the US


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a lunch box flashback

There it was on the store shelf – a metal lunch box for school children. Walking down one of the aisles in the supermarket today I could not help seeing it.  Something colorful about Dr. Seuss on the exterior.

I paused and picked it up.  I rubbed the back of my fingers lightly across the smooth thin metal exterior.  Then my fingers found the latch on the top and opened the lunch box.  The same shiny metal interior that I remember from a time now nearly 50 years ago.

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sexual love within marriage: its giving nature

The sexual love the spouses share with each other is naturally giving.  Sadly, among married Christians there is much confusion on this subject of sexual love, with some spouses needlessly suffering from unhealthy inhibitions and even feeling shame in the marriage bed.  This is so unnecessary.  Letting go of, or shedding these inhibitions and shame will open you to a deeper, richer emotional intimacy with your spouse during your lovemaking.

Mutually fulfilling lovemaking is not the only necessary ingredient for a successful, lasting, happy marriage – but the reality is that it is one of the key ingredients!  And, God intended that both spouses enjoy sexual fulfillment within their loving marriage.  (If you doubt this, consider the sexual capacity (for arousal, desire and pleasure) in both the man and the woman all throughout each month.  Of course, the emotions are also intimately involved.)

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the turning point – that delicious moment

Poetry that does not rhyme

is still worth the time

. . . . the turning point, the inflection point . . . . when the pain and the sorrow having reached a peak of intensity, are spent . . . .  the anguish finally stops, lifts, dissolves away . . . . and, for a passing moment you are numb, without feeling . . . . then peace and bliss flowers, blossoms up, wells up, like a fountain abruptly switching on . . . .

. . . . that delicious moment when the accumulated, built-up, excruciating, gnawing tension gives way to . . . . sweet, powerful, soothing (waves of) release . . . . and the spirit flies, soars free . . . . leaving the nagging flesh behind.

. . . . death is the release, the climax, the orgasm that frees the spirit of the prison house of the flesh. . . . why do we fear it so?

. . . . end of non-rhyming poem . . . .


We include these pictures from a cruise last year to Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta (previously posted, but very nice).


rocks at water's edge in Cabo 2


The timeless, ever restless sea lapping against the rocks and slowly, inexorably eroding these away beneath a long lived sun.


rocks at water's edge in Cabo


Rocks at water’s edge.


rocks at water's edge


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a needless source of conflict revisited

a needless source of conflict revisited


We have added a very lengthy addendum to our earlier essay (from November, 2012) “a needless source of conflict in a loving marriage“.  In this addendum, there are many honest, insightful, and helpful comments from married women.  We offer the link to this now expanded essay (below) for those who may be interested in reading and thinking about its contents.

This is sure to be controversial and is not an essay for all readers.

The original essay and its new addendum are really for young wives and open minded middle aged wives who are seeking greater sexual intimacy with their husbands.  We wish for wives and husbands to achieve sexual fulfillment and joy within their loving marriages.  We believe that oral sex has a place in the couple’s lovemaking within a Christian marriage.  Why should Christian married couples not enjoy the depths of sexual intimacy?  And, attitudes are rapidly changing in Christian circles regarding this form of expression of the sexual love between the spouses.  As well, stronger, more loving marriages not only benefit the spouses and their children, but also benefit society as a whole.

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the asian art museum – part one

A multi-part picture essay on our recent visit to the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.

On Saturday, 17 January 2015, we enjoyed the afternoon in this museum located in the civic center area of San Francisco.  This multi floor museum is much larger than I had envisioned it would be.  There were permanent exhibits on China, Japan, Korea, India and various countries of southeast Asia (including the offshore archipelagoes of The Philippines and Indonesia). There was also a large visiting exhibit on Arabia with artifacts on loan from a Saudi museum.

Here we see a simple house from 2nd century AD China (probably is about one foot long and one foot high).


Chinese house 2nd century


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more violence in Europe by Muslims

Sadly, but not unexpectedly, there were more murders in Europe this past week committed by violent Muslims.

We condemn these heinous acts that are committed against Jews, Christians, and even against atheists.

In an earlier essay, we questioned why Europeans had been allowing immigration into their countries from Muslim lands. Muslims do not come to Europe to assimilate and adopt European culture and mores.  Islam is antithetical to Western values, even post Christian Western values.  It appears that the former colonial powers, Britain and France, are in the process of slowly being colonized or conquered by Muslims.  As well, there has been violence by Muslims in Scandinavian countries, and in Germany.

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football follies

Okay, I will chime in on the NFL playoffs.  (Ours is a generalist blog so any topic is fair game.)

There has been much controversy and discussion about the “non-call” of a pass interference penalty in the Detroit versus Dallas playoff game this past Sunday.

Here is a comment I posted on another blogger’s post on this topic.  He includes a film clip that shows the infraction(s).

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