anthropomorphic God or theomorphic humans

We are taught in Christianity that we human beings are created in the image and likeness of God.  However, there are some who will assert that we humans impute our own characteristics on to our image or concept of God.

Thus, one could frame this question: Do humans make God into their image, or are humans created in God’s image (both physically and in our spiritual nature)?

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spicing up married lovemaking: oral sex

Sexual intimacy is a key ingredient in a successful, lasting and happy marriage.  Thus, it is important for married persons to nurture their shared sexual love for each other and work to make their sexual intimacy mutually fulfilling and satisfying.  A little variety or spice in your sex life can be a very positive thing.  Make love in different sexual positions and do not limit yourselves to your marriage bed.  Make love in other parts of the house.  Add new acts and be a little adventurous.

That is when oral sex can be beneficial.

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a paradox of knowledge and awareness

The more you know, the more you realize there is even more you do not know.  This is the substance of what a lecturer told us one morning in a large lecture hall at university.  (8:00 a.m. classes were rough for some of us night owls.)

Specifically, he said that when you receive your bachelor’s degree, you know some things and you realize that there is much you do not know.  Later, if you continue your education and earn a master’s degree, you know even more than you knew with just your bachelor’s degree but you are also aware that there is an even larger amount of knowledge that you do not know.  This process continues for those who labor for and achieve their doctorates (PhD). Yes, one at the doctoral level knows much by human standards, but he/she is even more acutely aware of an ever larger body of knowledge that is still beyond their reach (or perhaps, grasp).  With greater knowledge comes a larger awareness of how finite our knowledge is.


China girl painting


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circumcision: dialog with a pediatric nurse

There are many myths surrounding routine infant male circumcision in the United States.

What is rarely thought about by parents when they consider letting the doctors and/or interns circumcise their son(s) is the child’s right to bodily integrity.  And, too many Americans (including US pediatricians) are woefully ignorant as to the function of the foreskin.

We thought we would share this recent exchange between us and a circumcisionist over on YouTube (the link to the video with comments is below).


circumcision in the US


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sexual love within marriage: its giving nature

The sexual love the spouses share with each other is naturally giving.  Sadly, among married Christians there is much confusion on this subject of sexual love, with some spouses needlessly suffering from unhealthy inhibitions and even feeling shame in the marriage bed.  This is so unnecessary.  Letting go of, or shedding these inhibitions and shame will open you to a deeper, richer emotional intimacy with your spouse during your lovemaking.

Mutually fulfilling lovemaking is not the only necessary ingredient for a successful, lasting, happy marriage – but the reality is that it is one of the key ingredients!  And, God intended that both spouses enjoy sexual fulfillment within their loving marriage.  (If you doubt this, consider the sexual capacity (for arousal, desire and pleasure) in both the man and the woman all throughout each month.  Of course, the emotions are also intimately involved.)

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just because we can do something, does not mean that we ought to do it

Why do we humans do the things we do?

Why are we always tinkering?

Why do we show no self-restraint?

Why do we play act at being God?

We may not have very good answers, but it is important to raise the questions in these days.

The small placard on the wooden man says “tinkering”.  (All photos in this essay were taken at the Exploratorium in San Francisco this past Saturday, 20 September 2014.)




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our tuxedo cat and feline miscellany

Yoyo, our house cat, appears physically attractive because of the contrast of the black and white fur in his coat.  If he was either all black or all white (as a few cats are), he would not be as pleasing to the eye.  The contrast of the black with the white makes him look good.

Here we see him in the tall grass of the back yard this morning.  Bad cat, later he ventured into a neighbors’s yard before coming back into our yard.


Yoyo in the yard



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The worth of humans


Here is a thought provoking post we came across today.

Originally posted on Therapeutic Whining:


In the newspaper yesterday was an article about a deadly bacteria that had apparently “escaped” the lab in which it was being used to infect rats. It was discovered in an outdoor cage where the company’s primates live.  The ones they experiment on. Some of the Macaques had been infected, when they should have been nowhere near the offending bacteria.
I don’t know what they do to the macaques — what kind of “experiments” they perform on them. I don’t care. Whatever it is, you know it’s not good for them. If it were, they’d be experimenting on humans instead.
All creatures know when they’re suffering. That’s all you have to know. The question is, why do we think it’s OK for them to suffer for our benefit? Whether they are rats or macaques, mice or chimps, cats or cattle, why is it OK? That humans’ and animals’ bodies don’t…

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