the nature of God

Do we really know about the nature of God?

Well, yes, we have the revealed religions to tell us of God’s nature.

But, some may wonder: do we humans impute our hangups, our biases, our character traits (or even character flaws) on to God, or at least on to our concept of God?




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the “nice guy” syndrome in marriage and relationships

“Nice guys finish last.” is an old adage.

A behavior pattern of many men that is discussed on a few marriage and relationship blogs is that of the nice guy (often abbreviated as “ng” or “NG“).

The nice guy is the man who will be considerate of his wife and her wishes to the point of suppressing or sublimating his own needs and desires.  Nice guys do not like conflict with their spouse and will make conscious efforts to avoid conflict.  (They aim to please.)  Nice guys seem to be okay with a lose-win relationship with their wife.  Such men are described as being “sensitive” and considerate.  Needless to say, there are (not a few) women who like such a man, a nice guy – but not necessarily for who he is.  They like someone who gives in all the time and gives them their way almost all the time.

Some men do not realize they are playing the role of the nice guy.

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just because we can do something, does not mean that we ought to do it

Why do we humans do the things we do?

Why are we always tinkering?

Why do we show no self-restraint?

Why do we play act at being God?

We may not have very good answers, but it is important to raise the questions in these days.

The small placard on the wooden man says “tinkering”.  (All photos in this essay were taken at the Exploratorium in San Francisco this past Saturday, 20 September 2014.)




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12 words on Islamic terror

“Meaningless killing in the name of religion can no longer be tolerated.”

These are words we heard in a news report on the killings in Dhaka, Bangladesh (01 July 2016).  They were uttered by a local Muslim man.

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black lives matter: if that were so . . . . .

Why then the silence about the blacks being killed every day of the year by other blacks (and in much greater numbers than in police shootings)?  Black on black crime is an issue rarely, if ever, talked about by black agitators in various pressure groups including Black Lives Matter.

We have heard that violent crime and the murder rate is up in cities where law enforcement has been vilified and where trials (show trials, really) of police officers were conducted to pacify angry mobs.  In such cities, the police have backed off their proactive policing and the results have been harmful to the communities they serve.  Baltimore is one such city suffering perhaps its highest murder rate in its history.

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