Why do we allow this?

If you or I strap down a cat or dog and then proceed with a wrench or industrial size pliers to rip or tear off its limbs and crush its skull, if found out, we would be arrested and prosecuted on various criminal charges in all 50 states of the USA.

Yet, what we just described above is done to very small human children in their mothers’ wombs each and every day throughout the US.  It is called abortion.  For the politically correct and the “progressive”, this grisly practice is called “a woman’s right”, or simply her “choice”.

Why do we allow this?


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just because we can do something, does not mean that we ought to do it

Why do we humans do the things we do?

Why are we always tinkering?

Why do we show no self-restraint?

Why do we play act at being God?

We may not have very good answers, but it is important to raise the questions in these days.

The small placard on the wooden man says “tinkering”.  (All photos in this essay were taken at the Exploratorium in San Francisco this past Saturday, 20 September 2014.)




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media and liberal meltdown over Trump

How refreshing indeed: A man who actually stands up to the fools in the media!

As actor Denzel Washington said not long ago, those in the media are only interested in being first to break “a story” and not interested in the truth (or lack thereof) of the hurriedly reported story.  In a desperate frenzy to discredit President-Elect Donald Trump before he takes office, the folks in the media are exposing themselves as the fools they really are.  Their guiding principle is now to run with and publish anything and everything that may serve to discredit and cast doubt on the man’s character, his judgement, and his past behavior.  The problem is that what is rushed to press, posted on their news websites and on social media is often not factually accurate.

We are seeing a meltdown of the “journalists” and opinion makers in the mainstream news media because they cannot come to terms with the fact that their candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost on November 8, 2016.  Their lack of judgement (and lack of integrity) is coupled with their lack of maturity and both are becoming plain to see even for those sympathetic to them and their liberal bias.

Hurray for Trump to stand up to them today in his news conference.


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technology cannot save us from ourselves

These days we take rapid scientific and technological progress as a given in modern life.  As we grow more and more dependent upon modern gadgetry in almost all aspects of our lives, we believe – or at least assume – that technology will save us from any challenges or threats that may come.  Are we overlooking a serious risk or threat from within as we place so much confidence in our growing scientific knowledge and technical abilities?




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San Francisco landmarks

The Ferry Building in San Francisco survived the 1906 earthquake and fire. Still a landmark for this city albeit with the opening of 2 major bridges in 1936-1937, the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge and then the Golden Gate, most commuters and travellers entered the city by car or bus.  Later, in the mid 1970s, commuter rail service connecting the City with the East Bay was started via a concrete tube beneath the bay.




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