Europe: the folly of Muslim immigration

No, do not put a “coexistence” bumper sticker on your car.  Peaceful coexistence has been proven to be a vain hope.

Seeking understanding and encouraging tolerance have failed.

The reality is that many Muslims do not desire to assimilate into European culture.  The more extreme Muslims wish to convert Europe to Islam, by force if necessary.

Some people are now realizing or concluding that Islam is not an authentic religion but is a violent ideology.


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on sex, purity and avoiding harmful extremes

Being “pure” does not require the complete desexualization of the individual.

It is sad that Christianity became warped by the influence of ancient pagan schools of thought that had a contempt for the flesh and anything related to the flesh.  If one reads the New Testament, one does not find an animosity towards the married state nor towards sex within marriage.  This animosity came later and is not authentically Christian.


heart in the open


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sexual love within marriage: its giving nature

The sexual love the spouses share with each other is naturally giving.  Sadly, among married Christians there is much confusion on this subject of sexual love, with some spouses needlessly suffering from unhealthy inhibitions and even feeling shame in the marriage bed.  This is so unnecessary.  Letting go of, or shedding these inhibitions and shame will open you to a deeper, richer emotional intimacy with your spouse during your lovemaking.

Mutually fulfilling lovemaking is not the only necessary ingredient for a successful, lasting, happy marriage – but the reality is that it is one of the key ingredients!  And, God intended that both spouses enjoy sexual fulfillment within their loving marriage.  (If you doubt this, consider the sexual capacity (for arousal, desire and pleasure) in both the man and the woman all throughout each month.  Of course, the emotions are also intimately involved.)

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just because we can do something, does not mean that we ought to do it

Why do we humans do the things we do?

Why are we always tinkering?

Why do we show no self-restraint?

Why do we play act at being God?

We may not have very good answers, but it is important to raise the questions in these days.

The small placard on the wooden man says “tinkering”.  (All photos in this essay were taken at the Exploratorium in San Francisco this past Saturday, 20 September 2014.)




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kitten season: now is the time to adopt or donate

Animal rescue shelters and animal care organizations need your help now. There are thousands of abandoned kittens taken in each year by such agencies.  These very young cats need a loving home.  If you cannot adopt, consider volunteering your time at these animal rescue facilities.  As well, you can help these agencies (and the cats in need) by making financial contributions to them throughout the year.


cat 0625


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a nuclear armed Japan and South Korea?

Recently, the possibility that Japan and/or South Korea might acquire nuclear weapons has come to the public’s attention.  (Donald Trump may have mentioned this recently.)  This idea is not really new.  We first read of this possibility back in the summer of 2005 in an article in the Wall Street Journal.

Let us consider this scenario in this essay.


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