The Sportscaster Obama and the Control Freaks of the Left

The Sportscaster Obama and the Control Freaks of the Left

Am I the only person who has noticed this over the past few years?

When listening to President Barack Obama, he always gives us the recap or the play by play of the events and challenges of the day. But, we already know what he is telling us. We get it Mr. President. Everyone (on the planet) knows the US economy is stuck in the mud and is not creating jobs. We know incomes are falling. Wealth is not being created, but rather being destroyed as people’s assets decline in value. Businesses will not undertake any investments or expansion when confronted with the great uncertainties that your policies have introduced (increased and onerous regulations by your zealous ideological bureaucrats unleashed, the higher taxes that you are incessantly and vigorously cheerleading for, and this outrageous government power grab – that Americans overwhelmingly oppose – known as “ObamaCare“).

Mr. President, to use a baseball analogy as it is baseball season, you were hired to be the manager (in the dugout) of Team USA, not to be the sportscaster up in the broadcast booth passively describing the action on the field as a spectator or bystander. Instead of always complaining that Congress won’t pass your jobs’ bills, try, for once, to show some leadership and propose something that might have a chance of doing some good (such as getting the federal government out of the way!). Your prior jobs’ bills gave us a few patched highways and some nice new federal buildings for your friends in government to occupy, but did nothing to reduce the true unemployment figure which is still up in the mid teens and not around 8 percent.

But, regrettably, we have as our nation’s president, a man who compulsively filters everything he sees through the leftist-Marxist prism. The sad fact that Mr. Obama fails to grasp, or does not care to face, is that everywhere on the planet that this Utopian Marxist nonsense has been tried it has led to a decrease in human freedom and prosperity, and to a not insignificant increase in human misery, not to mention the deaths of tens of millions who were deemed “counter-revolutionaries”. Do you, Mr. Obama, really think that you can get this leftist regimen to work where all others before you have failed to do so? No, you cannot deliver a Utopia for us. Not in four more years or forty more years.

The real control freaks who want to control all aspects (large and small) of our lives and make us into useful insects – either ants on the anthill or bees in the hive – are on the left. (And make no mistake or false assumptions here. The Republicans are cowards and do not have the courage of their oft professed conservative ideas. The Republican party is part of the problem, not part of the solution. Speaker Boehner will talk tough this summer over the looming debt limit fight, but then will diaper out or wet his suit at the last minute as he did last July.)

We love you Barack, but we simply cannot afford you and your failed policies any longer! We will even party with you after you have left public service. Perhaps, we can drink a few beers together after you call the play by play for a Cubs game, next season.


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