Why are we tolerating child prostitution and forced prostitution in the United States?

Why are we tolerating child prostitution and forced prostitution in the United States?

Okay, this is not a news item in the sense that this appalling evil is not new in the US. What is news – or ought to be news – on the TV, radio, Internet, etc. is that there still has not been much reduction, not to mention eradication, of child prostitution and forced prostitution in the United States here in 2012. In recent months, I have heard of news stories about this ongoing atrocious injustice in Atlanta and in Las Vegas. It is widely known to be a chronic problem in the immigration entrepots of New York City and San Francisco. Forced (coerced) prostitution is not limited to those major cities, and American girls are being coerced into prostitution in addition to the poor girls from overseas brought into the country illegally for this.

To bring a little perspective on how destructive child prostitution is to the girls forced into it, I have heard, in a rare radio piece about this issue, that the life expectancy for many of these girls is just 22 years. So, death, at a very early age, is what awaits them after they have been forced to have sex with as many as ten to fifteen “customers” per 24 hour period for several days each week.

As Americans have a proclivity for lecturing the rest of the world on the subject of human rights, to avoid hypocrisy and to do the right thing, we need to act to eliminate the gross violation of these girls’ and young women’s human rights and of their dignity as human beings.

Regrettably, the demand for child prostitution remains high in our society. This is in itself a (damning) indictment of our culture. Let’s stiffen the penalties for the consumers of child prostitution, and more vigorously pursue and bring to justice the suppliers of it (organized criminals).

Let’s support the groups that are fighting against this terrible evil that ruins and destroys the lives of its victims.

Please contact your elected government representatives at both the state house level and in Congress in Washington. Let them know that you want the laws already on the books more vigorously enforced against those guilty of human trafficking and child prostitution (of American girls and of immigrant girls brought to the United States for prostitution). If federal monies are needed by some of the states to fight this evil more vigorously, then so be it. (It is past time we had a more serious and honest debate about what our national priorities should be and how to allocate resources to achieving those priorities.)

Thank you for reading and for your concern. Now, contact your elected representatives (by email, phone call, fax or paper letter), and please speak with your clergy and fellow church members to encourage them to speak out and to work against this infectious evil that is destroying the lives of so many girls and young women across the nation. And support groups (with your time, talents, and/or resources) that rescue and then help these abused, enslaved and exploited girls to heal and rebuild their lives.



  1. I think it’s a fine idea to contact your elected representatives. But the core of this problem lies in the willingness of men to buy girls and women as if they were chattel, and our society’s tolerance and support of this.

  2. Yes, I quite agree. Our society has become too tolerant of too many things. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of things that concerned citizens can do about this terrible problem and injustice.

  3. As you say this is not news and I don’t understand why you are surprised that there hadn’t been a reduction by 2012. This is also not just about prostitution, by only focusing on the sexual aspect of this problem you miss the ways in which human trafficking can actually stopped. Because that is the root issue, human trafficking. In other words slavery. Human trafficking victims are all around us and yet we don’t want to know. Most nail salons that are staffed by east Asian woman engage in human trafficking. These woman are human trafficking victims and this is public knowledge and yet people continue to patronize these establishments because they don’t want to know. Because the prices are cheap and the locations are varied. Victims of sex trafficking are not only female but male as well as well as a large number of intersex individuals. Also what do you purpose we do with these people once we have freed them? Most of the time they are here illegally and our government sends them home to same situation that led them to be targets for human traffickers in the first place. Other times when we send them back we are sending them to their death. Our government, largely dose not care about these people and the most useful thing that people can do isn’t calling their politicians but to do research to learn about human trafficking, the kind of places that use these people, the products that are made by them and stop giving money to the people who buy and sell human beings. You stop the demand you stop the supply. Donate to and patronize organizations and companies that work with the survivors and help them build new lives. It is also important to remember that human trafficking takes place with and WITHOUT the involvement of organized crime groups.

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