What President Barack Obama has done for African Americans – have US Blacks been misled? Redux

What President Barack Obama has done for African Americans – have US Blacks been misled?

Dear readers here are three (obligatory) disclaimers to start with:

1. I am not black (African American).

2. I am an independent and am not a member of any political party.

3. This may be interpreted by some readers as my most controversial post (so far).

Dear reader, if you are quick to hurl the charge of “racism” – where there are no grounds to do so – then there is no point in you reading any further.  (btw, fyi, my wife of many years is of another “race”, non-white.)

Okay, let’s review the progress that Barack Obama has helped African Americans (blacks) to achieve with his policies in the past nearly three and one half years since taking office in January, 2009.

1.  Unemployment (and underemployment) among black Americans is at its highest level in several decades.  This is true for heads of households as well as for black teens.  Black unemployment is higher now than in January, 2009.

2. School choice for inner city blacks is still being adamantly opposed by the federal government across the country.  The federal government’s opposition to school choice and the use of vouchers has more to do with the incestuous relationship between the teachers’ unions (NEA) and the Democrat party, but nevertheless the lack of school choice hurts black children.  Lower income, inner city African American parents who desire for their children to have the chance at a better life by getting a quality education are denied this opportunity for their children by the federal government.  President Barack Obama is the current head of the federal government.  All the departments of the executive branch (Dept. of Education, Dept. of Justice, etc.) report to him.

3.  Welfare dependency, which is an assault on the human dignity of black Americans, is being perpetuated by the policies of President Barack Obama. In part, this is the natural consequence of the failings cited in the above 2 issues.  As jobs are not being created in the economy and black children are being denied the opportunity to get a quality education to prepare them for good jobs, there really is no way out for many who are trapped in the demeaning cycle of welfare dependency.

However, President Obama has not even used his formidable oratory skills to promote family formation within the black communities across this nation.  Greater family formation and stronger families help to alleviate poverty and increase the likelihood that people can escape the shackles of welfare dependency and achieve economic self-reliance and independence.  Black out-of-wedlock births are much higher as a percentage of all births than for any other racial or ethnic group in the nation.  Consequently, the proportion of single parent households is similarly much higher within the black community.

4. Abortion for black babies is promoted by the federal government’s policies.  It is no secret that many of Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills are located in or near poor neighborhoods in the urban centers across the country.  (The same is true for abortion facilities that are not connected to Planned Parenthood.)  President Obama and his allies in Congress have significantly increased the annual taxpayer paid grant (subsidy) to Planned Parenthood, which is the nation’s largest abortion provider.  Sadly, as is the case in point number 3 above, blacks have a much larger proportion of their children killed in the womb than any other group.  To be specific, African Americans make up roughly one eighth (12 percent) of the nation’s population, yet approximately 33 to 35 percent of all abortions in the US are performed on black women and girls.  (I think the CDC reports this statistic.)

President Obama’s promotion of, even obsession with, abortion goes way back to his days in the Illinois state house.  It is not an exaggeration to say that for people such as Obama, Senator Barbara Boxer, and Nancy Pelosi there can never be too many abortions, there can never be enough babies violently dismembered in their mothers’ wombs.  Black America, President Obama cares not for your children.

Clearly African Americans have suffered disproportionately more than all other Americans from the failed policies of our first black President.  In 2008, 97 to 98 percent of blacks voted for Barack Obama and for his promises of hope and change.  In 2012, by all recent polling, it is clear that blacks will once again vote for Barack Obama by the same percentages.  This is puzzling to say the least.  For a community to vote overwhelmingly for a candidate and a party (Democrat) whose policies are so very destructive to their communities, their families and their children’s very lives is not rational.  However, when one considers how our thinking in this country has been warped, even radicalized, in the past several decades by the Left, perhaps this can be explained.  Radicalized thinking is not rational thinking.

I cannot but conclude that President Obama has not done much of anything substantive and constructive for African Americans in his first term of office.  So, the question remains:  What is Obama going to do for the blacks?  Or, perhaps alternatively:  Black America, how has Obama earned your votes?


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