US Elections, Sexual Tension, and Half Price Bikini Car Washes

US Elections, Sexual Tension, and Half Price Bikini Car Washes.

Can those 3 items be tied together at all?  Should they be?

There is a growing dissatisfaction, even disillusionment, with the 2 major political parties in the United States.  This is undeniable and is widely known.  One manifestation of this fact is the large number of adult citizens that do not participate in the electoral process by not even registering to vote (and the many who are registered yet avoid the polls).

What could get people interested enough, or help them overcome their cynicism and consequent apathy, so that they would register and vote?

Here is one random thought:  What if, in all 50 states, come election day, there was a box on the ballot that read  “None of the Above” ?

This might just do the trick, and serve to draw people to the polls like a half price bikini car wash attracts healthy young (and not so young) men.

And, since we are talking in make-believe, what if there would have to be a new election with new candidates should “None of the Above” garner the plurality of votes on election day?!  That would certainly be an effective means of registering our collective angst with these corrupt career politicos who are about anything but solving the nation’s weighty problems.

Americans right now are with much anxiety and apprehension awaiting the presidential election on November 6, 2012.  It is like enduring unrelieved sexual tension (in either a man or in a woman).  Leftists (aka Democrats) fear the end of America as we now know it if President Obama is defeated on election day.  All others fear for the survival of America if President Obama wins re-election.  Of course, all who will vote for Romney are hoping (and praying) that he will have the courage to fully break with the failed big government policies of Obama and not turn out to be just “Obama-lite”

Thanks for reading this.  Disclaimer: I take no responsibility if you were hoping for a more titillating essay given the above title.  Such is life.


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