Andrew Jackson, Jack Daniels’ Tennessee Whiskey and “Old No. 7”

It had always been a mystery to me, perhaps I am dumb, as to why there is the well known “Old No. 7” on the black label on bottles of Jack Daniels’ Tennessee Whiskey.  A couple of years back, after reading a book on our seventh president, it hit me.  President Jackson was from Tennessee and he drank whiskey.  That was well known by those who knew him at the time.

On the bottles of Jack Daniels, it says “since 1793″ or “1796″ – something like that.  So, it is very likely that Jackson drank Jack Daniels as he was a young man in Tennessee in the 1790s.

Jack Daniels is a quality product, but a bit too pricey for me.  When there is a sale, Jim Beam’s Rye Whiskey with the yellow label is a worthwhile buy for the occasional home-made drink.

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