Eurozone, European Union Lack of Political Will (Kahones) Spells Big Losses for Investors Worldwide

Eurozone, European Union Lack of Political Will (Kahones) Spells Big Losses for Investors Worldwide

Here we go again!

Warning:  This is a RANT.  But read on and see if you agree.

Are you sick and tired of Europe‘s unwillingness, and hence inability, to address its gargantuan fiscal problemsYou ought to be!  The Europeans are costing all of us who save and invest, and all of us who have pension plans with past and current employers, plenty in lost value of those investments.  This European mess is frustrating the world economic recovery and that is punishing all 7 billion of us.

Europe had 3 options a while back.  The Europeans rejected austerity and learning, belatedly, to live within their means.  Now, there are 2 options remaining, and the Europeans are trying to kick the can down the road because they lack the collective will over there to make any substantive decision and then take decisive action.

Europe knows that its 2 options remaining are these: crank up the printing presses and vastly increase the money supply (with cheapened Euros) in order to service these outrageous sovereign debts they have run up in the past 10 years, or continue doing nothing and allow a massive deflation (asset value crash) that will destroy more savings and wealth worldwide than was destroyed in our grandparents’ day in the 1930s.  (Short sellers, the world over, will grow seriously (filthy) rich very rapidly in this scenario as many short sellers did in late 2008!)

Germany was the main driver behind the formation of this Eurozone.  Come on now, Germany, step up to the plate and show some leadership and some fortitude to solve this ongoing crisis.  This European mess has been in the financial news as a major item since late 2009 at least.

Europe stop screwing the entire world.  We, Americans, are not going to send our young men (and young women) to fight and die for you this time when you see the rise of fanatic dictators once again when the economic and political chaos ensues from your cowardly inaction!

You cannot change the world, but you can keep trying!

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