More Sweet 1980s Music to Enjoy: Shadowfax, Shakatak, Thompson Twins, Wang Chung

YouTube links to great songs for listening, and good videos for viewing.  Enjoy, and kindly tell your friends to drop by for a visit to my blog.  thanks!

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Shadowfax  – 2 instrumentals from the album “The Odd Get Even”

Her Dress Hangs There

Oasis (a music video for “Changing of the Guard” (a great song from this album!) could not be found, please accept Oasis as a substitute).  This video is nicely done with beautiful scenery if you see it through to the end.

Shakatak – Photograph (from the 1984 album, “Down On The Street”, not widely known, but still good)

Thompson Twins (2)

Hold Me Now (Don’t we all remember this song?!)

Doctor!  Doctor!

Wang Chung  – Dance Hall Days