Classic TV: Kung Fu (the Original Series) – the first “eastern” western

Classic TV: Kung Fu (the Original Series) – the first “eastern” western

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This was a great series on TV in the 1970s (1972-1975).  It featured David Carradine (Kwai Chang Caine), Keye Luke (Master Po) and Philip Ahn (Master Khan), and had many great guest stars.  Last autumn, I was watching many of the episodes free of charge on YouTube.  So for my Asian and Taoist friends, and all others, the below links are offered for your viewing pleasure.  The plot development was usually done well and the acting was very good.  The themes (or morals of the stories) were good, too.  Enjoy and share the kindness.

For the pilot TV movie in 1972:

 girlfromrio (an American journalist living in Brasil) has uploaded many, if not most, of the episodes from the series.  I watched most of the episodes that she has uploaded to YouTube.  She is a real aficionado of the series.  (“KungFuSeries” is another YouTube uploader of some episodes.)  This where you really want to go.

This link takes you to her menu of 514 video pieces (mostly segments of Kung Fu episodes – do not worry, you get to see complete episodes in 6 segments each):

For a generic search for episodes on YouTube:

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