Male Performance Enhancers and Supplements: Guys, Seriously, You Do Not Need Them

Male performance Enhancers and Supplements: Guys, Seriously, You Do Not Need Them

You have no doubt, by now, heard the radio commercials, seen the Internet ads, and/or read articles in various and sundry magazines about them.  Male performance supplements.  There are a lot of these type products available now.  They have rather amusing names such as Ageless Male, Semenax, Spermomax, etc., etc.

I actually found it to be more convincing, from a marketing standpoint, when a young woman (with a sweet voice) narrated the radio commercials for one such product.  One could imagine that her husband, or boyfriend, had started using the product and she had noticed the “significant” difference (improvement) in his performance and output.  (However, if one visits several of these companies’ websites and reads through the customer “testimonials”, one can find a few instances of the very same testimonial appearing with only the product name being changed.  Makes you wonder how genuine, or authentic, these testimonials really are!)

But, consider what you can easily do now to not only improve your sexual performance, but your overall health as well.  Not to mention saving the dollars you would be parting with for these “performance enhancers”.  These few simple steps (below), if followed consistently, can do much to improve all aspects of your health, including your performance in bed.


Cut back on the overly processed junk food with all the artificial, fatty ingredients. Avoid margarine like the plague that it is with its trans fats.  (If your brand lists “partially hydrogenated” anything in it, stop using it for the sake of your heart and arteries.)

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables (including celery)!  Avocados are good for men because of the nutrients in them.  Broccoli and bok choy are great for preventing various cancers (so is green tea).  Apples with malic acid are good for you.  Oranges with vitamin C.  Strawberries and plums.  You get the idea.  Add nuts (pistachios, cashews, etc.) in moderation to your diet.  Sunflower seeds are a good source of vitamin E.

Cut back on, or better yet, eliminate the sodas.  You are better off not taking in all that phosphoric acid (and high fructose corn syrup) that is in most of the dark colas.  Drink more water, fruit juices, and teas and coffee (in moderation).  (I stopped drinking even low-fat milk several years ago, once it was pointed out to me about all the traces of hormones and antibiotics that are in milk.)

A good quality multi-vitamin with zinc is okay.  But do not take mega doses of zinc (or of any vitamin or mineral) because of toxicity at high levels.  Getting up to 100 percent or so of the RDA in your vitamin should be fine, and you are already getting some zinc in the other foods you are eating during the day.

Smoking and alcohol

Stop smoking cigarettes, if you can.  Or at least, try to cut back.  Alcohol in moderation is fine.  A few (2 – 4) drinks per week is okay.  But, the every night drinking habit is not good for your health or for your “performance”.

And needless to say, using recreational (illegal and harmful) drugs is not good for your health.  Even acetometaphin, the active ingredient in Tylenol and Vicodin, can be harmful to your liver over time.  Try aspirin or ibuprofen for occasional pain if you need to.


Americans are notorious offenders when it comes to sleep.  There is no set rule that applies to everyone.  But, if you are pushing yourself hard in your life each day and only getting 5 hours or so of sleep – that is not wise or healthy long-term.  Try for six or seven hours a night.  This is a major factor in good health – getting enough sleep for the body and for the nervous system.


You knew this was coming!  My advice: exercise together to make it more fun.  That way, you increase the likelihood that you will stick with it and reap the long-term benefits from exercise.

As a former weightlifter, I say “pump iron“.  When done correctly, over time, it does so many good things for your body and your health.  But, any form of exercise beats none hands down.

You can grab your wife or girlfriend and head down to the health or fitness club.  Work out at the same times.  Together, you could go to a local pool and swim, bike ride, hike, jog, or simply take a long walk together.  If you both like tennis, great.  (During the winter, if you are snowed in, you can always do some stretches and push ups and running in place in the garage or basement.  Shovelling snow is a form of exercise, too.)

Not only will this help her to improve her health, but she will likely lose those few extra pounds, and will look more trim and fit.  A wife with a good figure is sure to help increase your desire.

For better health, guys, do these things for a few months, even for a few weeks, and you will have good sex (experiencing strong climaxes & full ejaculations with good semen volume in either intercourse or fellatio), you’ll feel better, and have a more positive self-image.

And, guys – stop watching porn, it is warping your brains. (See, mental health is important, too.)

And you women reading this, have your man read it and think about it, too.  As well, ladies, you do the same and improve your diet and get into exercise.

Additional tips: After posting this, oversights were noticed in the diet section above.  Red grapes and fresh blueberries, when in season, are both good for you and are affordable.  Red wine, in moderation, is also a health booster.  When adding various nuts to your diet, beware of peanuts.  You may want to avoid them all together or eat them only occasionally because of the aflatoxins in them.  Tree nuts are better such as cashews, walnuts, etc.  Your health will improve and she will be pleased with your “performance”.


  1. Yes Larry you need to do a post on how women need to step up so that a guy does not need to watch porn. According to Kinsey statistics, 78% of married women over thirty have their men on a STARVATION DIET of sex once a week or less. You also need to write a post to the guys to say you are mad as hell and you are not willing to take it anymore.

    You also need to write a post on how guys can do it better for their woman so that she actually wants sex from you

  2. Hey John,

    Marriage (and sex within it) is on the list of future essays to be written, but because this is a family oriented blog, I won’t be unduly graphic or explicit. We’ll try to address those issues in a helpful way.

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