Ongoing Barbarism: China, Human Rights, Chen Guangcheng, Female Infanticide, Forced Abortions and Sterilizations

Ongoing Barbarism: China, Human Rights, Chen Guangcheng, Female Infanticide, Forced Abortions and Sterilizations

What is going on in China is truly horrific – and, on a mind-boggling scale.  This is not news, but it is truly distressing.  The Communists, who rule that totalitarian society, will not relent on their 30-year-old mandatory “one child policy“.  They brutally enforce this policy with forced abortions for women who are pregnant with a second child, and by forcibly sterilizing women who have already had their one allowable child.

The recent news stories on Chen Guangcheng, the blind country lawyer who was attempting to escape China, have once again brought this continuing injustice and gross violation of human rights in China to the world’s attention.

As married couples in China are restricted to having only one child, and as sons are preferred in China, partly as insurance against old age with sons caring for their aging parents, baby girls are not valued highly.  Each day, many baby girls just born are killed.  Sometimes by being denied food and water.  In many other instances, they are drowned either by being submerged in a pail of water or thrown into a river.  What kind of society does this to its children?  (I am begging the question here, but this is chilling to think about.  This is also a cautionary lesson for the rest of the world.  If the Communist Chinese commit such outrageous and heinous atrocities against their own people, what can the rest of the world expect from a rising and powerful China in the future?)

A woman’s first right is to be born.  Her second right is not to be drowned, or otherwise murdered, after birth for no reason but that she is a girl.

The Population Research Institute reports on worldwide population control activity (much of it coercive), and their website is a very good source for current, up to date information on such activity, and related issues and analysis.

Here is the link to their website:

For specifics on Chen and China’s horrific abuse of human rights that he was documenting, please see the article here:

Thank you for reading, and please feel free to refer others to my blog.  thanks!

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