Gays in the Military Redux: If Gay Americans Want to Serve, Let Them Serve

Here is the obligatory disclaimer:  I am not gay.

If gay Americans want to serve in the armed forces of the United States, I say they should be allowed to serve, and serve free of harassment.

Besides considering the issue of fairness to all law abiding US citizens, gay service personnel are not a threat to other military service personnel.

Now, personally, if I were currently in any of the armed forces, and serving either abroad, on board ship at sea, or at a stateside military base, I would not feel threatened by other service members around me who happen to be gay.  However, given the violence directed at our military service personnel by some Muslim military service members, I would be apprehensive, even anxious or possibly worried at the presence of Muslim service members around me.

Let us not overlook the Fort Hood, Texas massacre committed by a Muslim military officer, and the various incidents, in Iraq, of violence directed at our officers and enlisted personnel by Muslim members of our armed forces.

It is not gay service members who are committing violent acts against their fellow service members.

Thank you for reading.