Reflections for Independence Day (USA): George Washington, Supreme Court Precedents, and Domestic Enemies

Reflections for Independence Day (USA): George Washington, Supreme Court Precedents, and Domestic Enemies

“Government is not reason;  it is not eloquence;  it is force!  Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”  –  George Washington, first president of the United States.

Hey everyone, have a happy and safe Independence Day holiday.

By now, we’re all likely sick and tired of being sick and tired of an over-arching, power hungry central (federal) government in these United States.

Not being trained in psychiatry, it is not proper for me to speculate as to (Chief Justice) John Roberts’ current mental state or condition.  But, the legal folks find his opinion, in the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) case, to be coming not from out of left field, but from out of the ballpark all together.

The correct role of the justices is to interpret the law with the US Constitution being the final arbiter.  A law passed by the Congress is either in accord with the powers granted to the Congress by the Constitution or it is not.  When the law is not in accord with the Constitution, the justices must overturn the law by declaring it to be unconstitutional.  The Congress is then free to take up the issue (health care in this instance) again and make new laws that do not overstep their constitutional authority.  The role of the justices is not to rewrite the law in the case before them!  Yet, that is exactly what Roberts (a George W. Bush appointee to the High Court) did.

This (his) precedent setting opinion, that the federal government can do anything, and it is constitutional as long as the government claims (really asserts) that it is simply imposing a tax (note: Obama’s officials did not claim that the penalty – for failing to comply with the individual mandate – was a tax – ironic, eh?!) opens the door for ever greater abuses of power and unwanted intrusions into our lives.  The central government can now, via its power to tax, micro-manage our lives.  Do we really want that?!

Say, for example, the federal government (alternatively, those miserable wretches that comprise it) decide it wants to crack down on junk food eating.  So, it passes a bill that places a 100% tax on various items at the corner grocery store and the neighborhood supermarket.  Well, what could now stop such a government?  That 10 ounce bag of potato chips now costs you $4 to $5 instead of $2 to $2.50.  Consider how heavily the federal government already taxes tobacco products and gasoline throughout the country.  (Both smoking and filling up your car with fuel are legal activities, yet citizens are punished with high taxes for engaging in them.)

These Supreme Court precedents are, de facto, unassailable.  Yet, the Supremes are not infallible.  (Granting them such infallibility and omniscience in our collective consciousness would be akin to giving them the deference due a medieval priesthood.  This is not appropriate for our more “enlightened” age.)  Bottom line:  We, all 300 million of us, are stuck with this very dangerous precedent. 

The founding fathers and mothers of our nation did not envision, nor intend, that we would cast off the tyranny of king George III, to eventually accept a homegrown, domestic tyranny.  We need to change course ASAP.

The late Bertrand Russell (20th century British social critic and philosopher, 1872 – 1970) was wont to say about religion that it came down to “fear, authority, and hell-fire” – well, be that as it may or may not be – I say that government in these United States, in 2012, comes down to fear (of said government), abuse of governmental authority, resulting in near hell on earth.

Chief Justice John Roberts of the US Supreme Court is the villain.  But, let’s not give a free pass to that ideological radical, Ruth Bader Ginsburg (photo below), leader of the leftist wing of the high court and former counsel for the ACLU.  She is the villainess here.  Roberts has secured his place in US history, and it is an infamous one at that.

So friends, on July 4th, you ought to consider: are we still independent?  If so, for how long?

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You myopic liberals need to wake up and fast.  What Roberts has done can be used, by a future administration, against you!!

Thank you for reading and for thinking about this.  Now, have a friend, or enemy, come by and read this essay.

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