Life’s Simple Pleasures – Shopping for Used Tea Cups

Life’s Simple Pleasures – Shopping for Used Tea Cups

Update – see this more recent essay:

Drinking tea is one of life’s simple pleasures.  As it is now summer in the northern continents, often in the morning, I will open the window near the breakfast table and listen to the birds as I sip my morning cup of green tea.  It is a relaxing and yet enriching way to start the day.  Thinking can be suspended and one can easily just be in the moment.

Another simple pleasure is to visit a thrift shop (or even a garage sale) and look (browse) for various odds and ends.  Tea cups and coffee mugs are often found in such shops.  The items, or artifacts, you will find are all used but many are in very good shape and some are quite beautiful.  What is remarkable is the diversity of tea cups you can find.  There will be more modern styles, but often one sees older style tea cups (possibly from the dispositions of estates of the recently deceased).  Over the years, I have acquired a rather interesting little collection of tea cups purchased from various thrift shops.

There are very small tea cups, and larger ones.  Most do not have “handles” and are traditional in shape and form.  Others, delicate in size and manufacture, have tiny handles on one side.  There are plain ones lacking any color or designs on the surface.  Others have flowers or bamboo or geometric designs on their exteriors.

The above images were found via a search on Google for tea cups and come from various websites.

Another simple pleasure, while you are at the thrift store, is to browse through the old paperback books that are likely on hand for sale.  Many a gem of an old or rare book can be found this way.  As well, used bookstores are great for this, too.

As a “thank you” for reading this, here are links to 2 good songs from Hiroshima‘s 1989 album, East.  Enjoy.  Share the kindness.

Daydreamer” (very relaxing beautiful instrumental & good scenery)

Living in America

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