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I am reposting this just for you.  Many of you just signed up to follow the blog over the past several days and may not have perused over the various categories of essays already posted.  This is one of the better essays and hopefully, it will be worth the few minutes you take in reading it. Best, Larry

Odds + Ends (various proverbs with a small “p”)

Just some random thoughts (ramblings) to look over while you drink your morning tea (preferably green) or coffee.  (Proverbs at bottom.)

Every second of every day there is some point on the earth’s surface that is experiencing sunrise.  Similarly, every second of every day there is some point on the earth’s surface that is experiencing sunset.  Kind of basic, I agree, but still something to appreciate and even be in awe of – a continuous, never ending sunrise, and a corresponding, continuous never ending sunset pursue each other over the earth’s surface unceasing throughout the eons.

Sometimes, I point out to people that the same is true for us humans on this planet (a rather small glob of mostly iron).  Every second of every day there are births, and every second of every day there are deaths.  A sobering thought, but one to remind us to try, as difficult as it can be at times, to make the most of each and every day – despite the setbacks, the myriad aches and pains, and the ongoing frustrations.  To try to become more loving human beings.  Not perfect, but more loving of each other – even when there is no assurance that we will be loved in return.

Tibetan proverbs

Beware of honey offered on a sharp knife.

When the mountains are high and the valleys are low, only the best of friends or the worst of enemies will be visiting.

Chinese proverbs (possibly Taoist in origin)

A man who knows that he is a fool, is not a great fool.

A wise man can learn even from a fool.

A man who knows when enough is enough, will always have enough.

Zen koan

Show me the face you had before your mother and father were born.  (The novice promptly slaps the master for asking such a silly question!)

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