Collective Apathy: Do you demoralise people when you de-moralize them?

Collective Apathy: Do you demoralise people when you de-moralize them?

Is people’s morale, for fighting and sacrificing for higher ideals and goals, lost or greatly impaired when they lose their moral compass by practicing raw hedonism, materialism, and consumerism?

We now actually have some historical perspective on this question, which is not an idle one.  We’ve had 45 to 50 years now of “sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll” in these United States.  (I won’t bore, nor possibly depress you with the deteriorating social statistics for that same time period; such as for violent crime, recreational drug use, divorce, out-of-wedlock births, teenage pregnancy, etc, etc.  If you are interested in these, you can research them online for yourself.)

Why the (current) indifference on the part of so many in our country to all the problems and pressing issues around them?  We see this indifference take many forms.  It is reflected in the fact of low voter registration and low voter turnout in elections.  In another facet, it is shown by the excessive emphasis, or paramount importance, in many people’s minds of one issue or another to the exclusion of all other serious issues and challenges facing us (you could call this the selfish tunnel vision of the special interest type voter or activist).

When people lose their personal moral bearings by engaging in, and ordering their lives for, the pursuit of raw hedonism, materialism, and consumerism, their horizon (or perspective) shrinks considerably.  It is no longer easy for them to see the bigger picture and look two or three steps down the road by taking a longer term view of events around them.  This is not really surprising when one considers that for too many individuals (in our society) the pressing issue(s) in their lives are when are they going to the next drug party to get high and/or drunk, and when will they commence their next sexual adventure with a new partner.

This is not just true of the young, who naturally tend to a certain recklessness in any society, but is also true of many people much older in all walks of life in our country.  We have accepted this (hedonism) and hence encouraged it.

Why the apathy?

Just food for thought.

(I am not trained in psychiatry, but that does not prevent a person from engaging in social criticism, and observing that our collective mental state is not the most healthy.)

Thank you for reading and for thinking about this.


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