I Ching and Art

I Ching and Art

The featured teapot image (below) is from sophlylaughing.blogspot.com.

“Art could be man’s future, if there were no negative factors in the equation, but there are.”

The above quote is from the Outer Limits (1963-1965) episode “Fun and Games”.

Here are some images from various and sundry websites that have visual appeal.  These are offered for your viewing and aesthetic enjoyment (in that sense these images are art or artistic). 

(An endorsement of using divination or horoscope techniques is not intended here.)

The below pic is from lifepositive.com


This next photo is from tarot43.com.


The image below is from path-finders.ca


This image of a book cover is from english.eastday.com


This next image is from ichingmeditations.com


This next pic is also from ichingmeditations.com


The next image is from bucknakedpolitics.typepad.com



The below computer generated art is from Internet Sacred Text Archive sacred-texts.com



The next image is from globallightminds.com



The below image is from fengshuiswiss.com



The next photo is from ka-gold-jewelry.com



The next image is from discoverpsychic.com



This image (below) is from istockphoto.com



This final image is from shutterstock.com


If you have liked any of these, you could click on “like this post”.  This took some time to do.



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