Rock Music: Tribute to Three Dog Night – Three for Thursday


Rock Music: Tribute to Three Dog Night – Three for Thursday

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Hey everyone,

It is almost Thursday in the USA, and it is already Thursday in Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe and most of Antarctica.  As some radio stations do a “Two for Tuesday” where they play 2 songs in a row from the same musical group, we will do a “Three for Thursday” now.

Three Dog Night was an interesting band of the late 1960s and into the mid 1970s.  This was the period when the group had several hits on the pop charts and on the radio.

Here are three gems found on YouTube (which is a great resource!) for you to enjoy.  Those of you old enough to remember the 60s & 70s will like these 3.  (And, feel free to look under the Music category (on the right side bar pop up menu) for more good songs with video.)

Shambala (on the road to …)  good video kicks in at about 22 seconds into the song

Never Been to Spain (great accompanying video, watch it!)

Mama Told Me Not to Come  (with apropos social commentary in pictures)

Thank you for your support.  And share the kindness.


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