Tribute to Bruce Lee

Tribute to Bruce Lee

The late Bruce Lee (1940-1973) was a multi-talented and refined man.  He was not just a “karate kid”.  Bruce attended college at the University of Washington, Seattle (USA), although he did not complete his studies for a degree.  He wrote some on self-defense/martial arts, and wrote a number of poems and was somewhat of a philosopher.  He also had some good acting ability in his movies.

Here are some clips for viewing that remind us of his life and contributions to the world.

Game of Death Intro theme song (just the theme song) 2:52 in duration

Billy Lo Vs Carl Miller (Full Fight Scene with Bruce Lee, physical violence) 5:53 long

Game of Death – a good ending tribute to Lee is here with Colleen Camp singing (2 minutes, 49 seconds long):

A touching instrumental song from when Billy and Ann were on the ferry during the movie (no video, 2:36 long)

Colleen Camp – Will This Be The Song I’ll Be Singing Tomorrow (no video, 2:26 long)


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