the evolution of Sue Storm

the evolution of Sue Storm

She has super hero powers, and she is a quite capable scientific researcher for the team.

Yes, Sue is a comic book character, but the changes she has gone through in the past 45+ years reflect the changing, really evolving, view of women we have in the US and in the western world.  Sue Storm Richards was, in the late 1960s, cast as a fairly quiet, demure, middle class housewife that would only reluctantly use her powers of invisibility and the projection of a defensive force field.  It seemed she really did not want to be part of a super hero team fighting terrible villains, but rather wanted a “normal” life.

Today, in the young 21st century, Sue is cast as a more confident, outgoing, even (at times) aggressive, young woman.  She is okay with her super hero powers and is not hesitant to use themShe dresses as many young women currently do, and is depicted in the comic art as being sexy.

No earth-shaking conclusions or inferences offered here.  But, have a look for yourself in the below images.  Perhaps it is the talent and skill of the new generation of artists that are making the comic art these days, but I do admit that the new Sue is rather cute.

Gotta love her lipstick.

Various images, below, are from various sites and are used courtesy of Marvel Comics ( as all the artwork originally appeared in comics published by Marvel.





 This image (below) is from



Do not make this woman mad.  This Marvel image is from and also appears on



Contrast the above with some of the images from the 1960s.

This image is from


This next image is from



The next image is also from



This last image is from


  1. Thanks Brian for your comment. Indeed it is.

    This was one of the more enjoyable posts or essays for me to put together. It brought tears to my wife’s eyes as it brought back memories of Saturday morning cartoons on TV in the 1960s with the original Fantastic Four.

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