Message to blog email followers

Message to blog email followers

Hey everyone (please at least skim this entire note),

Feeling very bad today as I have not slept well the past 2 nights.  The heat may have (thankfully) abated somewhat for those of you in the eastern part of North America, but it has intensified out here in the desert West.  July is always a hot month.

Will try to get a new essay up, possibly tomorrow afternoon.  But, please stay tuned as there are some unexpected subjects planned in upcoming essays over the next couple of weeks (for you folks in British Commonwealth countries, in the next “fortnight”, and we will not be out on “maneuvers”).   😉

It is important to alert all of you that the “tag widget”, on the lower part of the left sidebar on my blog page, does not always bring up or capture all the relevant essays relating to the tag you click on.  (This has recently been tested by us.)  By using the category tabs further up in the left sidebar, you will find more essays in the subject areas you are interested in.  This constraint for the “tag widget” is mostly due to my not tagging many of the earlier essays consistently.  Earlier on, we made many “learning curve” type mistakes and hope to do better in the future.

Please keep this in mind, using the categories for earlier essays, if the well runs temporarily dry here at larrysmusings.  Even “uncategorized” has a few gems.  “Music” has some good links to music.  “Philosophy” and the 2 “religion” tabs may interest others.  (And, if you are so inclined, we do approve requests for reblogging any of our essays.)

Not wanting to leave you without anything to smile about, here is both a pic, and links to two olympic weightlifting videos (for those interested).  Best wishes to all!  Larry

The below pic, used and credited in an earlier essay, is worth seeing one more time.  Was this placed outside of a local Obama campaign headquarters in a major US city?  I wonder.

An olympic weightlifting video (you may want to turn the volume down on this as it has a loud song as accompaniment) with both women and men competitors.  There appears to be a mistake about halfway through the video (3:51 in length).  335 kilograms is too high.  There are not enough plates on the bar.  One kilogram is equal to 2.204622622 pounds.

Another clip of Olympic Lifting Monsters! (3:55 in length)  Some of these guys show some emotion after successful attempts.

In the meantime, please feel free to mine this site – you will not be charged any royalties or fees for doing so!!


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