Summer girls

Summer girls

Greetings everyone!

Just for the individuals who follow my blog.

“Pretty women.  Pretty women.  How they make a man sing!”  –  From the song, Pretty Women, sung by Barbra Streisand, on the Broadway album (1985/1986).

Updating this essay with this video and songs by Barbra Streisand.  “Pretty Women/The Ladies Who Lunch”.  Click this link:

Men are such visually oriented beings.

It is now summer in the northern hemisphere, and the young women are showing more skin.  In celebration of, and  in respectful appreciation and admiration for feminine beauty, we publish this short, timely essay.

Here is a nice, tastefully done photo that someone passed on to me.  (Please note: I am not familiar with the website listed at the bottom of the pic, and therefore do not recommend anyone visit it as the site might possibly have malware on it.)  Also, I do not know what the Chinese character in her tattoo means or stands for.  As well, I bet both young women have sweet personalities.  (I may have to use the “like” button for this essay.)  😉



      1. Thanks for the comment. As mentioned above, this is in celebration of feminine beauty. And there are women judges at women beauty pageants the world over. 😉

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