Politically Incorrect: Lt. Colonel Allen West, Another Black Man Who Has Left The Plantation

Politically Incorrect: Lt. Colonel Allen West, Another Black Man Who Has Left The Plantation


“You cannot be black and be a conservative.  You just can’t bro.  That is the way that it is.”

Sound familiar?

And, of course, one cannot be black and a conservative without paying a heavy price for being both.  Associate Justice (of the US Supreme Court) Clarence Thomas has paid a very heavy price, over the years, for being a conservative.  He has shown, in his written opinions on cases the Supreme Court took up, that he has a thorough understanding of, and deep respect for, the US Constitution.  He has been an excellent jurist.

Dr. Alan Keyes, former ambassador, and frequent presidential candidate, has also paid a heavy price for being a black conservative.

The late Reggie White, of National Football League (NFL) fame, was bold enough to speak out against the moral evil of abortion, and how it has ravaged the black community in the USA, and he paid a price for his courage.

We can observe that a man who will consciously do what is right, even when it is not popular and is costly to himself, is a man who has character.  One such man is Lt. Colonel (US Army) Allen West.  He, and the others noted above, have left the plantation of enforced group think that currently dominates much of the African American community in these United States.

Colonel West (six months older than President Barack Obama, but with a very different outlook, and possessing a very different set of personal life experiences) is an intelligent, knowledgeable, and articulate conservative.  He does not harbor a hatred of the economic system that built the US into the economic powerhouse (and wealth creator) it was – until quite recently.  But, we cannot do sufficient justice to this man’s competence.  We can only imagine how different things might have turned out in the USA if Colonel West, or some other black person of similar convictions and similar views, had been elected the first black president of the United States.

Here, we invite you to hear this man in his own words at the 2 links below.

Halfway or so through this short clip, Colonel West gets his chance to speak and he addresses Islamic terrorism – he knows his history!  (3:24 in length)


In this clip, West bashes President Obama, and tells it like it really is (listener discretion is advised).  (4:01 in length)


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Credit for the fortune cookie image (at top) is due sodahead.com.  This image was first used in the essay “Confucius Say“, which is still filed under “uncategorized“.


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