Can you give me the current weather in Timbuktu?  Or the time of sunset in Bangkok tonight?

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Tonight, we have some useful links that you may want to visit and then bookmark on your computer for future use, especially if you are a frequent traveller, real or just from your armchair.

But, first let us inform you that we are now in the top 150,000 blogs on the planet.  This is still unofficial of course, but we are confident that this will be confirmed in due course. is a very useful resource and has evolved as a website over the years to have much more functionality.

Here are the links (and please feel free to pass these on to any of your friends and associates that might benefit from them; and then encourage them to visit larrysmusings, the place to be this summer!):

Main site home:      the global time zone map (a neat reference)   the world clock (most major cities shown here, and you can even personalise your own version with your own choice of cities)

This is our all time personal favorite!  Check this geochron throughout the day, and across the seasons – it is great!!

Also, be sure to scroll down and see the other info and options below this wonderful map!

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