The killings in Aurora, Colorado and another instance of media incompetence

Our prayers and thoughts are with those who have been wounded in last night’s theatre attack, and with those who have lost loved ones.  We mourn the loss of life for twelve innocent human beings.

What happened last night in Colorado was not a “tragedy” as some in the media are already calling it.  Just as it is very offensive to many of us when the events of September 11, 2001, are referred to as a “tragedy”, calling this most recent mass murder a tragedy is both inaccurate and offensive.  These terrible events are not unfortunate accidents, nor are they natural disasters.  Last night’s murders are just that – murders.

For the sake of accuracy, you in the media take note:  what occurred last night in an Aurora, Colorado theatre was a wanton act of mass murder.  As well, the taking of the lives of approximately 3,000 innocent human beings (mostly Americans) on September 11, 2001, was an act of wanton mass murder on a horrific scale.

You folks, currently in the media, please report the news accurately, and use terms that accurately describe events.  In your editorials, spin or twist it as you wish, but report the news accurately and objectively!