the worst pain is not physical

the worst pain is not physical

There are many types of pain and many painful experiences that we encounter on our sojourn through life.  Pain is part of the human condition.

The most hurtful pain I have experienced was caused by not being able to help someone who desperately needed help.  Physical circumstances and other serious difficulties, that could not be overcome, prevented me from being able to help this young woman, Jenna (1985 – 2008).  It is heart wrenching (and heart breaking) to want very much to help someone but not be able to do so.  This kind of pain stays with you for a long time.

The loss of a loved one is also very painful.  Especially so, when the cruel hand of death has claimed a life before its time.

Physical pain can be trying and can even wear a person down over time, but it does not reach down into our soul, the core of our being.  The pain that pierces one to his/her soul is the most difficult to endure and is not easily forgotten.


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