Great TV Themes: Mod Squad, The Streets of San Francisco, Baretta, and Harry O

Great TV Themes: Mod Squad, The Streets of San Francisco, Baretta, and Harry O

There were some nice sounding opening of the show musical themes from these TV series.  We share the links to them on YouTube for any readers who may be interested in hearing them.  Trivia: most of these series originally aired on abc.

It is a shame that David Janssen died at about age 50.  He was a good actor, and did a good job in the Harry O series of the mid 1970s.

The Mod Squad theme song:

The Streets of San Francisco  (The skyline of downtown San Francisco has changed a lot since the filming of this video clip in the early 1970s.  There are many more recently constructed tall office towers evidencing better economic times in the nation.)  We recommend that you watch it through to the end as it is in the ending credits that you see more of the Bay Bridge and the then (somewhat wimpy compared to today) skyline of the financial district.

Baretta theme (sung by the late Sammy Davis, Jr.)  We offer two video clips here.  Both are good.  Robert Blake was a good actor for this crime series, but proved, subsequently, to be less than a model citizen in real life.  (You do not arrange to have your wife or lover to be murdered.)

Harry O theme  (The original link we had bookmarked to the intro theme of the second season (better) has been taken down – an ongoing and annoying problem with some uploaders on YouTube.  So, this new found link will have to do.  The video is not as clear on this one but the music is good.  Also, we include the theme from the first season.)

Second season (good music):

First season (different music, but still okay):

Why not throw in Starsky and Hutch?   Okay, we will.  The 70s muscle cars!  Those were the days!  Bernie Hamilton, the police captain, was excellent, and is still alive we hear in his 80s now.

A surprise honorable mention here.  The theme from Miami Vice – the show that undeniably made Don Johnson’s career (1980s).  As well, Olivia Brown was good in this series.  We have removed this link as the uploader has taken down his video upload or been banned by YouTube.

Here is a bonus link.  The Devil’s Laughter is an episode from the series, One Step Beyond (1957 – 1961).  It is in black and white.  A rather unusual episode and rather entertaining.  A condemned man escapes the hangman.  Worth watching once in your life as it is only about 25 minutes in length.  The maniacal, mocking laughter starts at 14:30 into the film.

Let’s also share this photo.  Originally put out to all as the featured image in the essay on Barbra Streisand a week ago, it may not have gone out correctly to the email subscribers of the blog.  (We have got to remember to place these images within the essay text and below the essay title to make sure they are sent out correctly.)  It is a beautiful photo courtesy of Wikipedia (the Nashua River Trail).

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