marriage (with a little sex and a little spice) – part three

marriage (with a little sex and a little spice) – part three


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. . . . .continuing from part two . . . . .

Yes, we, men and women, are highly sexed creatures!  That important fact cannot be over emphasized.  (As mentioned in the essay on the book, Brain Sex (filed under great books and authors) the hormones are very powerful mind altering bio-chemicals.)  Wives and their husbands can benefit from a greater understanding and appreciation of the natural, inherent differences between the sexes.

For the marriage to survive and flourish, there needs to be a give and take between the spouses.  This is no trite remark.  Ongoing sacrifices are required on the part of the husband and on the wife’s part as well.  Consider four scenarios here.  Scenario one: the husband is a “taker” and does not seriously consider his wife’s needs and desires in his decision making and actions.  He is self-seeking and inconsiderate of his spouse.  One might describe him with certain expletives which we live to our readers’ imaginations.  The wife endures this behavior over time, but grows increasingly frustrated, weary and angry about it.  Scenario two: simply reverse the roles in scenario one.  Here the wife is behaving very selfishly.  Scenario three:  the explosive or volcanic one – both spouses are suffering from and acting from very self-absorbed and ego-centric attitudes or mindsets.  Scenario four: both spouses have giving, kind, considerate and gentle natures (rare, indeed!).

Which of these four scenarios gives the best probability for a lasting and happy marriage?  It is not easy, but it is worth working (striving) to become a more giving person.  And, ask that of your spouse if he/she is not kind and considerate of you and your needs.

The feminine wife and the masculine husband are natural complements to each other.  They complete each other, not just physically but emotionally and psychologically as well.  They are naturally attracted to each other and value each other.

The marital lovemaking should be frequent, passionate, mutually pleasurable and playful.  Make use of variety in your activities and in the positions for coitus.  Do not be afraid to try new things Trust, respect and open communication are the keys here.  (Many wives enjoy being taken in the “doggy” style position as it can allow for more intense and novel sensations.  As well, try the “cow-girl” where the wife is on top.)


women’s sexuality: the female orgasm

Here is a recent blog article worth reading and thinking about.  Written by a married woman, it celebrates the female orgasm, and is a great essay.  Highly recommended.


woman and orgasm 3


And, here is a response to that essay:

Catherine     April 1, 2014 at 6:54 pm

I can totally agree that Orgasms stimulate blood flow in the brain and give you a good nights rest!   On my nights before a big test, My husband and I always have sex.  It relaxes me and if I do orgasm, my sleep is so much easier!  Also, when I get to the test the next day, I feel more calm about it and seem to remember more things!  My grades are higher after an Orgasmic night 😉

Staying with the female orgasm now, the little discussed topic of female ejaculation is addressed in this next linked post: straight talk on female ejaculation


men’s sexuality: the need for frequent physical release

Wives, especially young newlyweds, be aware that men, especially young men, have a very real physical need for frequent sexual release.  Your needs may tend more to the emotional side of your being, but do not fail to recognize your husband’s serious physical needs.  (In addition to his physical need for sex, the husband feels and receives love through sex.)  Your husband is not an unfeeling, lustful animal.  But, his brain is wired (structured and interconnected) very differently than yours, and his blood chemistry with its combination of hormones is also very different from yours.  Depriving him of frequent sex is a sure way to stress the marriage and start on the path to marital failure.  (Using sex as a weapon and withholding it so as to get back at him over spats and arguments is counter productive and will cost you dearly in the long run!)

Think of it this way – a man’s sexual “cycle” is measured in hours (not days or weeks), especially when he is young and the hormone levels are naturally very high in his bloodstream each and every day.  (His body is producing semen each and every day.)  So, make love with your husband often.  Both men and women that have sex frequently are healthier and happier individuals.  View the frequent sex as a celebration of your love for each other, and respect his needs.  Value his climax.

This next linked article talks about one of the many benefits for your husband of frequent ejaculations:

ejaculation reduces the risk of prostate cancer

Below is a recent essay that addresses some of the problems that husbands may experience that also affect their wives, namely premature ejaculation and delayed ejaculation.  These are serious issues in some marriages.  Some younger husbands do have the problem of being too quick to climax. Premature ejaculation is frustrating for the wife who normally needs more time to achieve orgasm.  The wife’s needs need to be respected here, and husbands can work to overcome premature ejaculation.  As well, some older husbands experience difficulty in climaxing (delayed ejaculation) and this can be frustrating for both spouses.

Shelia G provides this helpful essay:



Wives newly married, get comfortable or accustomed to accepting/receiving the semen.  It is a part of sex – both of intercourse and of oral sex.  It is definitely not dirty or “unclean” or unsafe (as long as your husband is free of sexually transmitted infections, it is actually quite healthy). Therefore, there is no need for a mental aversion to semen.  With a little experience, you will not have any problems at all with accepting your husband’s semen (also widely known as “cum”), even when there is a large volume of it (and young husbands can be copious ejaculators).  Work for a positive appreciation of your husband’s semen, and value his climax, both the ejaculating and its product (his semen).  In fact, for many women, receiving the semen during love-making has deep meaning, is pleasant and exciting, and is highly valued by them.

Here is a helpful article for wives (written by a Christian wife) about the importance of enjoying your husband’s semen: enjoying your husband’s semen


women’s sexuality: valuing and enjoying their man’s semen

Here are 2 comments from women that speak directly and explicitly to this shared sexual intimacy.

Marsha (USA, works in Human Resources)

I have always felt that friendship between a man and a woman could never be closer than when he is between my legs pumping his sperm deep inside that is wonderful.



his kitten

. . . . I definitely enjoy what seems to be his instinct to go as deep inside me as he can.  That’s when I most prefer being in the missionary position.  I can pull my legs up around him making myself as vulnerable as possible to receive his deepest thrusting.  With him in total control I can be assured he’ll be going into me as deeply as he can to spray his sperm into me. . . . . I usually get 7 or 8 of those wonderful streams of cum in me before it’s over. . . . . Feeling him cumming in me is such a beautiful emotional and intimate experience.  It makes our lovemaking complete.  Having him inside me gives me a sense of oneness.  That sense of oneness peaks when I’m feeling his seed spurting into me.  He’s putting a part of himself deep inside me, a part of himself that has the ability to join with a part of me and put a baby inside me.  It’s his treasure that is mine to keep and will remain inside me long after our lovemaking.  The man filling the woman with his sperm is the most intimate experience for a couple.  In a way, it says we belong to one another.  He’s my man because I’m allowing him to put it inside me.  I’m his woman because he’s allowing me to have it.



If you think about it, that is a very special time of closeness and connection for the spouses.  It is a shared experience.

Our advice for wives is to learn to love your husband’s semen.  You can do this by consciously cultivating a positive mental attitude towards it.  As well, with more experience with receiving his semen, you will naturally grow more comfortable with it.  It is especially gratifying for your husband when he sees that you truly enjoy receiving his cum.  This is both emotional and psychological for him as his semen (cum) is a part of him, and your complete acceptance and appreciation of his cum is a sign of your complete acceptance of him.  Show your love for your husband by loving his semen.  (You can even tell him that you love his cum.)

These next several comments speak to the enjoyment women feel as their man ejaculates inside them, and their favorable (positive) view of the semen.  (Explicit comments.)



june (Alabama)

The best way to describe the feeling of a man coming inside is to visualize a flower blooming.  It is a very warm and relaxing sensation for me.

Sunny (USA)

As he climaxes, I can almost feel his penis throbbing as he ejaculates hot semen inside me – it’s both a wet and warm feeling as my insides get bathed in his fluids.  My man usually has a lot of volume, so it also feels like I’m getting filled up even more (if that were possible).

So, do I love it?  Absolutely!!  I love the feeling of him ejaculating inside me, and I love the feel of his warm semen filling my insides.  I even love the feeling of his semen dripping out of me afterwards . . . .

Cassie (Maryland)

I’m the same way.  I’ve only let my husband cum inside me, and I can’t get over how great it feels inside when he gets even bigger right before cumming and I can feel his penis throb with every spurt.  He has a lot of volume so even after he’s pulled out, I feel full with his hot, wet cum – I feel constantly turned on to feel it inside me.

SusieQ  (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina)

It’s a great feeling just knowing he’s filled me all up.  Then feeling it slowly drip out.  It’s sooo hot

SleepyGirlCA (California)

I’m not the original poster but I’ll take a shot (no pun intended) at the answer.  From a woman’s point of view: Yes, I love the feeling of his warm cum filling me.  It just feels SO soothing when he empties his balls in me.  I wish that feeling could last forever.  I hope me being graphic doesn’t offend anyone here, by the way.  But I even like how the cum provides extra lubrication for the next time we have sex.  During the day when I’m at work, when I walk or when I squeeze my legs together, I can feel my labia getting slippery from it againit gets me turned on and reminds me that I’m all ready for more.

Jasmine (Texas)

i just love feeling shots after shots of hot sperm spraying inside my vagina then when he pulls out after it becomes soft resting inside…just awesome watching the white liquid dripping out of my vagina.

Karen (Pennsylvania)

I don’t feel the actual jets of semen.  I DO feel his penis twitching as he spurts.  I also feel his penis get just a little bigger and harder just before he ejaculates.  He makes noises and strokes faster just before cumming.  He cries out while he is ejaculating, which I find intimate and sexy.

Linda (Michigan)

I love it when my man ejaculates inside my vagina.  Every time I have had sex I always made the man ejaculate inside me whether he wanted to or not.  I love the feeling of his penis stiffing up, the look on his face, the noises he makes and the pulsating of his penis when his sperm is shooting inside me.  It makes me orgasm so hard when he does.  It also makes for ultimate satisfaction.

Taylor (USA) – 07/23/2012

For me i like it inside of me usually as i feel some really nice connection when he quivers and shoots in me.  However i am not adverse to him cumming other places if that helps him or he is in the mood for it.

Darla (USA) – 02/20/2014

i absolutely love it inside of me.  But like others, I love it as well on my face or boobs. and my mouth…. it is sooo erotic

Sara2104 (Florida)

Yes it gets a little bigger RIGHT before he cums and when it is comming out into me it expands and then gets a little smaller then expands again so yeah i can feel the pulse its the greatest ever because i love him SOOO much!!  I cant feel the actual cum in me everyone says that you just get this warm feeling but i have NEVER felt that but i still like the way the pulsing feels and how it gets bigger right before he cums!

Gina (in California) posted several comments (in a narrative or story form) on a discussion forum, first about her foreplay, then her husband’s penetration, and then about mutual orgasms – his and hers.  We include a few excerpts here.

I bend and take him in my mouth.  He hardens at the touch of my tongue and moans.   . . .  I take him in further and massage his balls with my fingers.

I opened my legs for him as he mounted me.  We looked into each other’s eyes as I felt the swollen head of his  c–k slip between my (vagina) lips.  . . . .

The feeling of his pulsating c–k and his warm cum sent me off on another orgasm of my own.  I squealed in ecstasy as my body spasmed.  . . . .

He moans, and suddenly I feel him heating up in between my thighs as he cums inside me, he groans and pulls my hips into his.  The heat of his semen and the thickness of the penetration is enough to makes me cum again.  My climax rises with his spurts.

a young woman  (Maryland, USA)

I love it!

I love it , I love it, I love it!!!!

I love orgasm, and know he loves orgasm too. I am happy that he gets there.

I love knowing that he can’t hold it back.

Early on when he’s inside me, sometimes he takes short quick thrusts, and says he loves me and that.

But later on, he can’t really talk and he then takes firmer deeper movements.  I know that he’s getting more excited as time goes on, and I love knowing that’s what’s happening.

At the very end, if we’re missionary, his back actually arches and he goes in as deep as he can right as he comes inside me.  I know that’s his reflex action which he can’t hold back.

Depending on our position, at the right time, I like to reach down and feel his balls and right under his balls, because you can feel it pulsing back and forth.  And he can’t hold it back and I love knowing that he got so turned on inside me that he has lost control.

Then I can feel drips and know I got spermed!!



Christie (New York City)

. . . . One of the things I love about him is he has very large low hanging testicles, and as he gets close, they stop slapping into me and get very tight to his body.  When that starts, I get excited knowing they are getting ready for “liftoff”!  I place my hands on his butt, and when they tighten like a rock, I pull him as deep into me as I can.  Like the others, laying there in afterglow, and feeling it trickle from me is also a huge turnon.

Here is a comment about a woman’s appreciation for and enjoyment of her man’s balls. And, men do appreciate when their wives give some loving attention to these.  But, remember to be gentle in your caresses.

hapless dork (Canada)

I started seeing them as sexually as I do his penis.. so they turn me on to touch them now, where as before I was fairly indifferent to them at best, put off by them at worst.  I caress them, fondle them, lick them, kiss them, rub my lips on them, breath on them, stroke them, hold on to them gently, rub my face against them !!

Paying them so much attention I’ve learned some details about my man’s impending orgasm based on the way they feel… so if I am going down on him, and want to edge out his pleasure (bringing him close to orgasm, backing off a bit, repeat , repeat)I can tell by the way his balls react when he’s getting close to coming.. they give it away and if I am holding them when he ejaculates I can feel this little pulse right before he comes , like seconds before… and its so awesome.

Not only can the wife enjoy her orgasm(s), she can also take much pleasure in her man’s climax.


men’s sexuality: the sensations of orgasm (climax) followed by the sensations of ejaculation

Now, I would like to add my thoughts, as a man and a husband, on ejaculating inside the wife’s vagina.  As this will be the only comment from a man, it may be (is) rather lengthy. This will give the women readers some idea of how pleasurable, and how very intense, the man’s orgasm (climax) and resulting ejaculation is for him (with the many simultaneous sensations).


Of course, I enjoy the foreplay when my wife pleasures my penis with her mouth, tongue and lips to bring me to hard erection.  As well, the feeling of intercourse is mutually pleasurable for us both.  . . . .

As I approach my climax, I can feel the changes in my body.  The body’s pre-ejaculatory actions and related sensations tell me that ejaculation is nearing.  Depending on position and how rapid my thrusts are, it is often possible to feel the balls pulling up towards my abdomen as the sperm cells are being pulled out of them, sucked up deep into my body for mixing with the seminal fluids from the various male glands.  While these fluids mix, my penis does get a bit larger and harder, the head swells a bit more with even more blood.  The urge, or perhaps it is a reflex, to thrust more rapidly and deeply takes over.

A man feels what is happening during those several seconds when his body is preparing for ejaculation and steadily gets closer to forcing out the pooled semen.  These seconds are very intense and exhilarating!  With each passing second, the sexual tension, so to speak, increases and the body’s urge or hunger or need to ejaculate increases.  For me, this actually feels delicious.  I enjoy this brief but very intense time, and the anticipation that comes along with it.  The longer this interval lasts and the less urgent the need to ejaculate feels, at least early on, the stronger the climax is likely to be.  I know this from experience, and relish when this interval of increasing tension comes on more gradually and thus lasts longer than usual.  It means that there is more sperm and semen mixing inside me, and that to pump it all out will require even more pleasurable and intense contractions. Knowing this increases the anticipation/expectation and the desire to orgasm.  I so love the strong orgasms and the lengthy ejaculations!  As I thrust more rapidly, pre-cum is now leaking out of the very swollen head of my hard penis, and I feel that many of my muscles are tightening up, in my buttocks, my abdomen, even in my upper thighs, ejaculation is imminent!  I am at the point of “no-return”.

The intense (even excruciating) immediacy of my impending, inevitable orgasm is tangibly present, is felt so very strongly and is overwhelming as it spreads through my entire body (which tenses).  The intensity of this tension reaches a high peak and holds for a second or more, then I pop!!  The added stimulation from the more rapid strokes or thrusts finally does the trick.  Suddenly, the muscles of my abdomen forcefully contract involuntarily in rapid rhythmic pulses and the warm cum is flowing!  (Ladies: These internal contractions are the orgasm  (or “climax”) that then produces the familiar ejaculation (the several strong spurts of warm semen) that you may feel inside you.)  The muscles of my legs and buttocks also contribute some force to my thrusting penis.  I am “cumming” or call it ejaculating.  These contractions are strong and feel wonderful in themselves, and also feel good as these serve to release the built up tension in my body.

Another very pleasurable, separate (distinct), and intense sensation for the man is actually feeling the semen flowing from deep in his lower abdomen and then out through the entire length of his urethra (the canal or “tube” in the penis) before finally spurting into his wife’s vagina.  As the entire head of the penis is so very sensitive at this time, with all its nerve endings on fire, the end of each spurt, as the semen leaves the penis, can be especially gratifying.  (I think this is why many men prefer when they can have strong, lengthy ejaculations with more pulses.  You naturally want this intense pleasure to last.)

I love these sensations of the (“streams” or “jets” of) semen forcefully flowing through my rock hard penis.  I can feel the entire length and mass of each jet or stream as it rapidly and forcefully travels the length of the urethra (as its nerve endings are in an excited or aroused state, and are highly sensitive).  These “shots” are following rapidly one upon the other.  During a “heavy” ejaculation, when there are more jets, and these are longer and/or thicker with more cum, these internal sensations are very strong and pleasurable, especially during the jets or streams that are longer!!  These longer jets stimulate the very excited nerves of the urethra for a longer time period.  As well, these are accompanied with stronger contractions to pump out the larger volume of semen.  (This is not easy to describe for women who can never experience a male ejaculation.  Perhaps, for the woman, the sensations are similar when she ejaculates or “squirts”.)  For a short time, a man is not aware of anything else – he becomes his ejaculatory process, “he” is cumming.  To be honest, a heavy ejaculation is also psychologically gratifying for me, as I was able to give more sperm to my wife.  She surely notices when there is more milky white cum leaking out long afterwards.  And, yes, definitely yes!, I sooo wish that I could have more (lengthy!, heavy) shots in my ejaculations and so have even more of this exquisite, intense, manly pleasure!!

But, this is all happening in combination with, and in addition to, the very pleasing sensations coming from the penis thrusting inside the warm, wonderful, wet, slippery vagina.  (The husband is feeling these intense internal sensations at the same time as he receives the pleasing external stimulation from his penis sliding back and forth inside his wife’s warm, slippery vagina.)  This is one reason you can really say the ejaculation is a shared experience.  (As some of the women commented above, “it is a warm and wet feeling” – this is also true for the man.)  The wife is feeling the firmer, deeper, more rapid thrusts at the same time as the husband is experiencing all this sensory stimulation.  The more rapid thrusting combined with the throbbing of the swollen head of the penis may even trigger a strong orgasm for the wife.

I love climaxing and ejaculating.  I really do.  The more intense it is, the more I enjoy it!!  It truly is a “total” experience.  It is great to feel the semen flowing.  When I was younger (20s & 30s), my orgasms and the resulting ejaculations were stronger and had more shots (not infrequently up to 9 or 10 with most being heavy – so there was often a large volume of the thick, or sometimes thin, semen).  A healthy, young man can (and does) produce quite a volume of cum each and every day, and can often ejaculate (with good volume) more than once in a day.  (You likely already know this from making love more than once on some days.)  I point this out again to stress that you ought to make love often with your young hubby – at least a few times each week, but preferably several times most weeks. He needs frequent release.  I love ejaculating!  And, am glad that my wife appreciates it.

Psychologically and emotionally, there is something very primal, very elemental and basic here.  It does give a man a feeling, a sense of his masculinity when he ejaculates his sperm deep inside his wife’s vagina.  The act, in a way, reaffirms his manhood and his sense of himself.  As well, during this magical time, for these timeless seconds, it does feel as though we are sharing something very special with each other, and that we are one.  I am going to copy the beautiful remarks by “his kitten” (from above) here as these do capture what I feel (emotionally) while pumping (blasting out) my warm cum forcefully inside my wife as the walls of her warm, wet vagina enclose, hug, grasp, squeeze, kiss, and caress my slippery, sliding, throbbing penis, hungrily welcoming my sperm.

“Feeling him cumming in me is such a beautiful emotional and intimate experience. It makes our lovemaking complete.  Having him inside me gives me a sense of oneness.  That sense of oneness peaks when I’m feeling his seed spurting into me.  . . . .  The man filling the woman with his sperm is the most intimate experience for a couple.  In a way, it says we belong to one another.

In closing my comment, I will just note that the very gratifying, intense (even thrilling) sensations the man experiences – leading up to, and during his ejaculation – are the same and equally enjoyable(!) whether the couple is engaging in intercourse or the wife is lovingly and tenderly performing oral sex (to completion) for her husband.  Thus, it is not surprising that husbands greatly enjoy the oral sex their wives give them.  It is magical for the man.  (And, to be brutally honest here, be aware that men love to cum in their wife’s mouth.)

end of my comment



trust, respect, admiration, vulnerability, acceptance, tenderness, love, pleasure, playful, giving, surrender

or, alternatively:

love, giving, tenderness, playful, vulnerability, trust, surrender, acceptance, respect, pleasure, admiration . . . .  regardless of the order one may think of them, these are the words that come to our minds when considering marital lovemaking.

men’s and women’s sexuality: the harm of circumcision

Before closing this essay, we want to touch on a “touchy” even a “taboo” subject.  We have already written on the needless, hurtful mutilation of infant males through circumcision in the United States (we’re the only country in the world dumb enough to mutilate its newborn baby boys routinely and for no good reason(s)).  For prospective parents, we ask that you not allow the doctors or interns to do this to your son(s).  It is an unnecessary and truly outrageous assault on marriage as it abnormalizes coitus for both the wife and for the husband.  (You can read the essay “Why do we circumcise” under the marriage tab.  It was the first essay we posted back in early June.)  And, do not be misled by the current bogus justifications for circumcision: cleanliness and urinary tract infections (UTIs).  The cleanliness issue is absurd.  Natural (uncut) men can easily wash themselves regularly just as women wash their genitals, and there are no legitimate concerns here.  UTIs are treated simply with antibiotics.  Justifying circumcision to deal with the very low risk of UTIs, is like amputating a finger because one has an ingrown nail.  Every time a lie in support of circumcision is debunked, the medical community, rather than admit the error of this barbarous practice, makes up another lie.  When you strap down an infant and mutilate his genitals for life, it is not about health concerns at all, it is about power and control!

Natural is better.  Women have a right to natural husbands.  Let’s work to end this superstitious practice for the sake of future generations.

preparation for the next essay in this series

Dear readers, there is a homework assignment for you (completely voluntary, but still highly recommended).  Please read these essays before you read our next installment as in parts four and five we will get into some of the details quite explicitly, and these essays will prepare you for that.

We have provided these 3 links to essays worth reading and thinking about.  The first 2 essays are written by women for women.  (Please note:  our warning at the top of our first essay applies here.)  If, after reading these essays, you decide that you do not wish to continue reading our series of essays on marriage, that will be considered an “abend”.  This is somewhat of a slang term from the programmers’ lexicon for a computer program’s execution ending (or terminating) abnormally.  But, we understand, and it is okay for you to opt out.

We do not believe that a wife and her husband will burn in Hell for a zillion years if they incorporate oral sex into their affectionate and playful marital lovemaking.  In fact, we highly recommend this to young married couples and newlyweds as oral love (oral sex) is so very intimate and so very powerful that it helps the spouses to bond to each other – sexually and emotionally!

Julie Sibert’s essay is from a Christian perspective and addresses oral sex within marriage.  Some months ago, I emailed Julie to congratulate her on a very well thought out and well written essay.  (Julie is an “outside of the box” kind of thinker.)  Here is the link:

Renee Wade has a good blog ( and a couple of years or so ago wrote this very insightful essay for women to give serious thought to.  It does shed some needed light on why men derive so much gratification from fellatio.  (It raises certain aspects that we were not fully aware of.)  It is more than just physical(!) as Renee cogently explains.  (Renee is a strong advocate for committed, monogamous relationships.)  Highly recommended.


Why Do Guys Like BJ? 6 Reasons Why Guys REALLY Like Blowjobs

Here is a helpful reader comment on Renee’s article:

Annie B.

“Renee thanks for the cool article, I enjoyed reading it!  I understand this topic may seem a bit taboo or controversy and so it results in different opinions…no judgments here … I just wanted to share my personal experience, I adore going down on him. It doesn’t only provide him with tons of pleasure, I also receive the full ‘benefits’ from it … it’s a powerful excatic feeling to worship his d*** … I don’t really experience it as being submissive, I just give it cause I really love it too and I am amazed by how orgasmic my body responds to it,.. it feels really primal, like an animal, and actually feels like I am loving him the closest way possible…it’s a fabulous way to take away stress, tension and arouse one another…
To the ladies who don’t like it; men aren’t women,… their sexual (=life) energy flows from the penis up to their hearts, as with women it flows from the heart down to the p***y… understanding and honouring each others sexuality is opening up for greatness and bliss … (trust me;)
But yes, trust and surrender is important here …any unresolved issues may influence the atmosphere of intimacy and openness…”

This last link is to a very recent essay with recent survey results of married persons on questions about their oral sex likes and dislikes.  (The only shortcoming we see is that less than 30 per cent of the participants were women.  But, the sample size, 309 women respondents, is pretty good.)

Here is a link to the next essay in this series.  This  essay is especially recommended for young couples who are engaged or who are recently married.

And, if you would like the conceptual background to our views on marital lovemaking, then you can go back to the start of the series by clicking on this link.

Thanks for reading.

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    1. We welcome new followers of this blog and encourage new readers to go back and read parts one and two to have the full context of our views on marriage and sex within a loving marriage. Best wishes to all.

  1. I must confess i love ur essays. I totally agree wit you that marital lovemaking should be frequent, passionate, pleasurable and playful.Make use of variety in your activities and in the positions for coitus.Do not be afraid to try new things.Trust, respect and open communication are the keys here.
    God bless you. Please keep the good work

  2. There is a good deal in this essay to like. I like ejaculating in my wife as much as Larry does, for many of the same reasons he describes (and that some of the comments by women describe as well).
    But I am disappointed in the embrace of (completed) oral sex. Oral foreplay is wonderful, and I have praised it highly myself ( Entering into the depths of my wife, bringing her to an exquisite pleasure, is one of life’s great delights.
    But completed oral sex doesn’t bring about the most important thing in marital sex: sexual union. Despite all the good intentions in the world, completed oral sex is, in its nature, narcissistic, not sexually uniting. It’s something one spouse does TO another, not WITH another.
    I am not condemning anyone to hell, for a zillion years or for a moment. But I do think that completed oral sex leaves out the whole “point” of marital lovemaking: the deep union of the spouses, which is achieved by performing the only act capable of making them truly one: that is, a “marital” act that is capable (in principle) of bringing a new human being into existence (though it won’t always do so).

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment and insights.

      While we agree with much of what you write, we add that oral sex, if and when performed in a loving manner and not as “duty sex” or as a “chore”, can be and is a very intimate act for both spouses. While oral sex differs from intercourse, it allows for shared vulnerability and mutual respect, trust, and acceptance. The wife shares in and participates in her husband’s ejaculation in a special way. We do not believe that it is necessarily narcissistic on the part of the husband when his wife performs fellatio for him. Similarly, it is not narcissistic for the wife when she allows her husband to giver her oral sex. These acts are giving acts. These actions involve a certain amount of self surrender for one’s spouse. As well, these loving actions are not in any way degrading as long as these are performed within the context of a loving and respectful marriage. With fellatio, the wife is being rather submissive, yes, but she is actively engaged, and not passive (during her fellatio).

      We agree that oral sex is appropriate as a supplement to, and not a substitute for, intercourse. That said, the shared intimacy is qualitatively different during oral sex than the intimacy that is shared during intercourse. But, both are good. Make no mistake, there is an enriching shared emotional intimacy during oral sex that both spouses experience and value. Many wives experience emotional pleasure and satisfaction through giving such pleasure to their husband (that is based on the comments from wives on various marriage blogs).

  3. Let me just add a comment from the Forgiven Wife blog regarding fellatio:

    August 25, 2013 at 2:21 pm
    With respect, it’s not solely about the man’s pleasure. The lips are an incredible erogenous zone. Sometimes I feel selfish because fellatio is often about my own pleasure, especially when I repeatedly climax and he gets only one chance! Mostly I think it’s a mindset and a major turn-on for us both.”

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