Under Attack: We Have to Defend Our Property Rights!

Under Attack:  We Have to Defend Our Property Rights!

This essay is not for everyone, nor is it intended to be so.  If it makes you uncomfortable, please do not continue reading.  (Hardcore Obamaphiles will not like this essay!)

While not as emotionally charged, or as glamorous to discuss as free speech, religious freedoms, the right to bear arms, etc., property rights are critical to our freedom and to our remaining a free people.  All leftist dictatorships and tyrants have known this, and they all abolish property rights for individuals.

We all have a right to the fruits of our labors.  What you earn – by your efforts – either as an entrepeneur, or as a salary or wage earner, is yours and not the government’s.

We now in these United States are suffering under a government that has little or no real respect for our property rights.  One could say this problem got its start one hundred years ago under Woody (President Woodrow Wilson) who helped to give us the income tax.  (He also gave us the Federal Reserve and got the country needlessly into World War I.)  Prior to that time, the federal (central) government’s ability to tax was much more limited, and government was therefore much smaller (which the framers and founders had intended).  Ad valorem taxes, fees, duties and excise taxes could be levied or imposed; but these were mostly placed on consumption and not on income.

Do not think, in this election year, that proposed tax increases on the wealthy are the end of the tax increases.  This federal government is shortly to find that its ability to borrow or print phony monopoly money in enormous quantity cannot go on indefinitely.  Since there is little or no political will in the country to significantly cut spending, what do you think is likely to happen? 

For the writers, artists and free-lance photographers among us, we note that you put in many hours in your endeavors, and at times struggle to earn your living.  Why support a political agenda that seeks to rob you of more and more or your hard-earned royalties and commissions?

Our advice to young people starting their careers is to not support President Barack Obama and his allies in Congress.  Now, we are not saying vote for the Republicans, but you may want to withhold your votes from Obama and company.  Obama is out to steal your future from you as a by-product of his continued grasping for ever more power.  He is committed to keeping the world’s greatest wealth creating economy stuck in the mud for as long as he is in office.  And, if he can make it impossible for the economy to recover, he will do so through his purposeful policy actions.  (This is not hyperbole!)  His is not a case of gross incompetence.  This is intentional, as candidate Obama specifically told us he wanted to “transform” America if he were elected.  (Redistribution of wealth never cures poverty.  This was addressed in our earlier (mid June) essay on alleviating poverty.) 

For you older readers, be aware that your retirement savings – which are significantly less in value than a few short years ago – are going to be up for grabs if these politicos heed the urgings of certain extremist academics.  Those academics have already recommended to Congress that 401k accounts and IRAs be confiscated and used by the government to fund its out of control, profligate spending (which is unsustainable as we will painfully see in the next 2 or 3 years).  In return, you can expect a little larger social security check when you retire.  This is not funny.  And, we did not make this up.  For an empty promise of slightly more social security – which cannot meet its future obligations and is already doomed – you are to peacefully and quietly forfeit decades of personal savings.

Neither major political party respects our property rights.  The Left, under the Democrat Party banner, is actively seeking (really striving) to take the entire spectrum of our rights away in order to control us.  That is why we refer to these people as the “control freaks of the Left”.  The Republicans provoke our ire even more as we really hate being blindsided or stabbed in the back.  If only we had had a truly conservative, Constitution respecting, major political party in the USA.  We likely would not be in as bad a situation as we now find ourselves in.

Property rights don’t matter?  They matter more than most folks realize!  Wake up now as we are all going to have to fight to keep our property rights going forward.  And, the fight is not going to be an easy one.



  1. So you would like to see a MAJOR, truly conservative, Constitution-respecting political party? Every major party once started out small. So have a look at the smaller parties that satisfy your demands (there’s actually a few in the US), pick one you like, and start recruiting.

    1. Game:
      Your point is well taken.

      Here is my real lament. That the American people have put up with 2 very corrupt major parties for so long. We are so far gone, that there is little chance we have time to build up a small party. The Republicans are toast as they never deliver on their rhetoric or promises. The Left has won it seems – and that makes us all losers.

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