!! Read this first !!

Dear blog email subscribers:

Please be aware that the reblog about religious freedom sent out earlier this morning (August 1) contains a somewhat graphic picture.

The warning that I included in the reblog unfortunately appeared below the pic to be aware of.  This was the warning:

Warning: This reblog includes a bloody picture of needlessly mutilated baby boys.

You can read the reblog w/o any problem if your email application does not automatically show embedded images.  Otherwise, be aware that it is a little disturbing to view.  The reblogged article was informative, and I wished to pass that on to you.

Hopefully, no one will open the email and view the pic at breakfast or lunch.  It is not excessively graphic, but may disturb some readers.

PLEASE ACCEPT MY PERSONAL APOLOGIES HERE. Sometimes my strong feelings against this needless practice gets the better of my judgement.

Going forward, we will be more careful in selecting any essays from others for reblogging.  Thank you for your understanding.

Sincerely, Larry

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