“Endless Summer – donna summer’s greatest hits”

That is the title of the anthology of Donna’s most memorable hits of the 1970s and the 1980s (on CD).

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I was sipping some quality sour mash bourbon this evening and listening to this CD.  This great sounding music makes me want to repost the below essay from June.  Our earliest blog subscribers or blog followers will remember this essay.  We feel that it warrants reposting.  Originally filed under Women and Music, it pays tribute to Donna’s life (December, 1948 – May, 2012).

Donna was a “natural” – like a seven or an eleven on the dice at the craps tables in Las Vegas.  Here is the original essay.

Donna Summer, Queen of Disco, in Memoriam, to celebrate a life

It was with much sadness that I heard, a few weeks ago, the news that Donna Summer had passed away.

It is with much fondness that I recall when her great hits of the late 70s were on the radio when I was in college.

The link below is to a music video with Donna that is a fitting tribute to a great singer, great artist, and great woman.

Donna, we all miss you and love you still!