Self Defense for Women and Women Martial Artists

Self Defense for Women and Women Martial Artists

“Would I lie to you, honey?

Now, would I say something that wasn’t true?

Baby, would I lie to you?”

From “Would I lie to you?” by the Eurythmics (1980s)

Last Christmas time, we heard on the radio news of a woman in Oklahoma (USA) who defended her small child and herself with firearms (that she owned) during a violent home invasion.  She shot dead a 24 year old would be assailant who had forced entry to her home.  Another would be assailant fled the scene and was apprehended by local law enforcement officers.

If she had not had the means to defend her small child and herself, she would very likely have suffered one or more of the following: rape, murder, or being witness to the murder of her child.  These losers, these nothings that commit violent assaults are not to be pitied.  (And, that is something you human rights folks need to seriously consider.)  Now, there are some who bleed for such predators and will cry for more stringent gun control laws – not with the aim of curbing the violent assaults but rather to disarm those who would defend their loved ones and themselves!

Now, a short rant.

We have a God-given right to defend ourselves and other innocent human beings from violent assaults.  Turn the other cheek is so often misinterpreted.  Turn the other cheek means do not go tit for tat and thereby escalate a small insult or inconsequential injury into something major.  Endure the small offense, and do not contribute to blowing things so out of proportion that people end up getting seriously hurt or killed.

If any overly zealous, ardent gun control advocate gets in my face and erroneously asserts that innocent citizens have no right to an effective means of self-defense, he or she runs the risk, serious risk, of being smacked upside his or her head.  Consider it a zen moment.  Enlightenment can abruptly hit one (satori).

End of short rant.

We fully support the right of self-defense to all innocent human beings.  We encourage women, who are so often preyed upon by cowardly predators, to take a gun safety training class, buy one or more firearms, and become proficient and confident in the use of such arms by going out to the gun range a few times each year.  Your local area gun stores have experienced employees that have helped women purchase guns, and get enrolled in the appropriate classes.  Shop around for the best deals and always ask questions.  Attend a gun show in your area.  In a fairly short time, you can become knowledgeable in this area.  Remember, one does not have to be an expert with guns, one does not have to be able to take them apart and reassemble them, to be able to use them safely and successfully in self-defense.  One does not have to be an auto mechanic in order to be a good driver!  (Loading, switching off the safety, aiming, and then firing (or pulling the trigger) is all that is required.  And, you can opt to keep the gun loaded in advance, but then you need to be extra careful that children do not have access to it!)

Seriously, ladies, consider this.  Regrettably, violent crime is not going away any time soon.  In our violent society, you never can know in advance when you may be victimized.  Do not think “it cannot happen to me”.  If your husband or boyfriend owns guns, is/was a hunter, was or is now in the military or the police force, then express your desire to him that you want to learn how to use a gun safely for self-defense.  If he cares for you, he will not hesitate to help you with this request.  Actually, most guys would be thrilled that you are interested as this is an interest that you can both share, and is one already dear to his heart.  For those young women in school who may not yet have a boyfriend, does your father or an uncle know about guns?  Ask them to teach you about them.  Just becoming more familiar and comfortable with guns at an early age is a good start.

(I have been handling guns since age 12.  That is right.  I passed a one (full) day gun safety course at the age of 12, and then went duck hunting with my father and older brother that same year.  You won’t believe this, but it is true.  That summer Saturday of the course, at the end of the day we took our written test.  Actually, I think it was 100 percent multiple choice and true/false questions.  When I went up to the front table where the instructors were sitting to hand in my exam, the instructor who put the test key over it did not believe the results from a 12-year-old boy.  He had to recheck things a couple of times to confirm my 100 percent accuracy on the test.  Being concerned about the consequences of failure at home that evening likely led me to pay close attention all day.  This is not to boast, but to stress that if I can do it, anyone can!)

The martial arts is another option for those who are willing to devote more time and effort than is required with guns.  For women, we recommend this as a supplement to a little training with guns.  With martial arts, you also have the health benefits of the training which helps you with your physical conditioning and stamina.  As well, the martial arts build confidence.  But, they are not for everyone.

Let’s now celebrate some recent women martial artists in the below photos.

Kyra (below) is by kind courtesy of



This pic of Michelle Yeoh is courtesy of



A Crouching Tiger is from



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