alien abductions: fraud, contagious psychosis or reality?

alien abductions: fraud, contagious psychosis or reality?

“Your mission, if you to decide to accept it…..”

That was from the original Mission Impossible TV series (1966 – 1973, starring Peter Graves, Greg Morris, Peter Lupus, Barbara Bain, and others).

We, viewers, never had any clue as to what the missions that they (the team) declined were like.  Given the really improbable missions portrayed in the episodes over several television seasons, one can only imagine how truly far out were the missions that were declined.

As well, the voice on the taped instructions would inform the team’s leader, Jim (Peter Graves), “As always, if you, or any of your IM force, are caught or killed, the Secretary (of Defense? of State?) will disavow any knowledge of your actions.  Good luck, Jim.”  A rather cryptic comment.  If anyone was caught behind the Iron Curtain or in a hellish third world dictatorship, he/she ought not harbor any false or vain hopes for a prisoner swap to bring one safely home.

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Over the past 15 to 20 years there have been many claims made by a very diverse and growing number of individuals (in the USA) that they were physically abducted (and then returned) by alien visitors to our earth.  The stuff of science fiction or super market tabloids?  Perhaps, then again, perhaps not.  Some time ago, we heard on a late night radio program the estimate of 10 percent of the US adult population may have been “abducted”.  That asserted estimate means approximately 18 to 20 million individuals have been abducted or believe that they have been abducted.

What accounts for this?  Is there any truth to these fantastic sounding claims?  Can we get at the truth in this subject area?

Fraud cannot be ruled out.  Many individuals may be motivated to come forward and make such (false) claims for the purpose of attaining publicity (fame) for themselves, and/or from a mischievous (prankish) and juvenile attempt at humor.

A contagious psychosis is often quickly dismissed as many in the medical profession do not believe that psychoses can be contagious unless there is a physical vector.  That physical vector could be a virus, a bacillus, or a bio-chemical agent that the population in large numbers is exposed to.

We think this view is too limited and is in error.  A physical vector is not necessarily the only means by which a psychosis can spread.  Why?  Because mind and brain are not exact synonyms.  Brain is biological and physical.  But, mind (consciousness) albeit overlapping the brain, also transcends the brain and is not constrained by the physical brain.  (We said as much yesterday in our last essay when we talked about the soul and the body.)  Also, consider the power of suggestion on human beings and group psychology.  Have you ever observed or heard accounts of a crowd of people very quickly (and unexpectedly) moving from a peaceful assembly of individuals to a violent, rampaging mob?  (We’re not referring to drunken soccer fans here.)  Was the physical vector there the inflammatory words or actions of some individual(s)?

A contagious mental illness, whose symptoms are delusions and hallucinations, cannot be ruled out as a possible explanation of claimed alien abductions.

One guest on a radio program about 5 or so years ago speculated that these abductions may not really be abductions at all, but could be out-of-body experiences (OBEs).  These “abductees” did experience something that was real to them, but is was not a physical, bodily abduction by fiendish alien extraterrestrials.

As well, we cannot rule out the use, in some cases, of powerful hallucinogenic drugs as being the cause of some individuals believing they have been “abducted”.

By the way, there appears to be 2 schools of thought within modern psychiatry about how to treat these “abductees”.  One school of thought holds the view that these individuals are delusional and thus the appropriate treatment is to try to help them recognize their delusions for what they are.  The other school of thought accepts that these individuals have actually been abducted and violated, and thus need to be treated as wounded and traumatized survivors in need of healing and support.

In some accounts of alleged abductions, women “abductees” claim that these alien abductors not only showed intense interest in their genitalia but even performed very invasive and extensive gynecological exams on their bodies.  These type claims are found not infrequently in the growing abductee literature.  Does sexual repression and/or sexual frustration play a role here?  Could some of these claimed abductions really have been very vivid, erotic dreams?

But, consider, if these aliens are able to abduct people (leaving no physical traces) without any one in the vicinity noticing this, how can we ever be certain that abductions are not, in fact, occurring?  These aliens that can travel rapidly through space, or who are from another dimension, must be in possession of such advanced technology that only our most gifted science fiction writers are currently capable of visualizing it.  With stealth technology, they are able to hover over a suburban home or a rural farmhouse and abduct a sleeping or semi-conscious adult human without attracting the attention of any late night drivers, any still awake neighbors, or of other members of the abductee’s household.  Upon returning the abductee to his or her bed, the same stealth abilities are employed and no one is ever the wiser.   These aliens can, through means we can only guess at, alter or at least temporarily suppress human memories.

As for us, I certainly hope that my wife, of many years, peacefully sleeping next to me, has not been abducted and violated.  As for myself, I can say with relative certainty that I have not been abducted.  If I have been, there certainly are no memories of it.   There have been no strange marks upon my body indicating the possible insertion of tiny alien micro chips or transmitters.  Upon waking, there have only been the occasional mosquito or spider bites –  if that is what they were.

So, some evening – not tonight or tomorrow night as you will be outside viewing the Perseid meteor shower – when you are quietly sipping brandy or drinking hot chocolate (cocoa) in a comfortable armchair, pause and give thought to this possibility.  You could be abducted and violated while you sleep, and might not ever know it.  So, go on and smugly tell yourself: “It cannot happen to me.”  But, can any of us be so sure?

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  1. I recently heard a story about a girl being all but outright violated by a boyfriend’s friend at a party; and the only interference came from a friend, not her waking up. I wonder how situations like that play into situations like this; you talk about repression and erotic dreams, but I wonder how instance of outright suppression or warping of mentions of outright rape that women refuse to believe or are unable to confront.

  2. You make a good point. It is a part of human psychology for both men and women that what is too painful to confront is often suppressed. Individuals choose to remain in a “state of denial”.

    As well, there is a very real and serious problem in this country (USA) of young women being taken advantage of at parties and being raped. Women need to be careful not to become intoxicated or to pass out or otherwise lose consciousness. They can help to reduce this risk if they go with someone they can trust who also stays sober and alert.

  3. Cute musing! Try some of the books by Dr. John Mack, who claims the abductions have a spiritual dimension, or The Urantia Book, which claims aliens have for eons tampered with our genetic material.
    I would point you to a book called “Alien Human Agenda” on Amazon.
    Blows your mind.

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