gay marriage: keep the debate rational

gay marriage: keep the debate rational

Sitting at the kitchen table on Friday afternoon, enjoying my afternoon tea, one time too many I heard the absurd, nonsensical and false assertion that if gay or same-sex marriage is permitted, we will eventually see bestial marriages where a person can marry an animal.  This latest repetition of this canard came from a local radio personality on his afternoon talk show.

Promptly, I picked up the telephone and called the local radio station.  The host’s call screener answered and, not wanting to stay on hold for an indeterminate time to talk to the radio personality, I educated the call screener as to how this nonsense about bestial marriages does not add anything to the debate about gay marriage, and actually makes opponents of gay marriage appear as lunatics.  At the end of the short call, I asked that he pass on my comments to the radio show host.

Here is the substance of what I said to the call screener.  “Marriage is viewed by the courts as a contract.  Only legal “persons” or entities with legal standing can enter into contracts.  Human beings (individually or in groups), government agencies, corporations and partnerships can enter into contracts.  Animals cannot as they have no legal standing to do so.  If same-sex marriage achieves widespread acceptance in the USA, in time you could see a push for an even broader delineation of marriage that might well include polygamous marriages (both polygyny and polyandry) and group marriages (multiple men with multiple women), but you are never going to have bestial marriages.”

Now, for the world at large, we say if you are for same-sex (or gay) marriage, then make rational arguments in support of it.

If you are opposed to same-sex marriage, then make rational arguments against it.

Neither side benefits if they opt for using absurd and false (hyperbolic) assertions in their arguments.

We urge President Obama to stay out of this issue.  Mr. President, please remove yourself from this issue, and let the individual states decide about gay or same-sex marriage for themselves.

We stumbled upon this image the other day and thought we would share it with you.  It is four years old and out of date, but still worth a look.

“Hippies” is from

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