“Back in chains” – a rebuttal

“Back in chains” – a rebuttal

Some reckless and irresponsible remarks made by public figures can be ignored, but others need to be responded to.

Apologies to our long time subscribers (friends), but we are revisiting this issue today in an attempt at closure.  Hopefully, this will not deteriorate into a rant.  We will try to be brief as this is a painful subject for so many of us.

An Open Letter to: President Obama, Vice President Biden, Senate Majority Leader Reid, and Speaker of the House Boehner

Please get out of the way and “unchain” the world’s largest economy!!  We say again:  Please get out of the way and “unchain” the world’s largest economy!!

Unchained, the US economy quite readily and relatively quickly creates wealth, jobs, and improves the lives of all Americans – something your failed policies can never do!  (Franklin Roosevelt stayed the same course for nearly 9 years with this nonsense and there was still mass unemployment in December, 1941.  Only terribly destructive and murderous wars can put people back to work under your flawed, failed policies.)

When you wake up each morning, and when you retire each night to sleep, each of you repeat several times to yourself:  “Unchaining!  Unchaining!  Unchaining frees people, frees and releases the people’s creative energies, ideas and talents.”  In time, if you persist with this practice, we bet that you can overcome your severe psychological addiction to unworkable, failed leftist ideology.

Punishing success and initiative and great personal sacrifice, as you undeniably do with your power grabbing policies, hurts all Americans, and indirectly hurts all of humanity as a strong economic recovery in the US would help to lift the entire world economy.  On behalf of all Americans, we ask once again, please get out of the way and “unchain” the US economy.


310 million Americans

End of Open Letter

Now, some analysis.

The regrettable thing to note is the mental attitude of the above so-called “leaders”.  There rarely, if ever, is any flexibility in their thinking.  There is no middle ground with extremist thinkers.  They cling to this failed socio-economic model that has miserably failed wherever it has been tried in the world.  In military circles, there is an old adage.  “Do not reinforce failure.”  (Meaning do not throw more lives away in a lost battle; but rather regroup and redeploy, and then hit the enemy somewhere else.)  In business, there is another adage.  Do not throw good money after bad.  You get the idea.

The truth is the truth (another old adage).  And, the truth is that Mr. Biden, not infrequently, says reckless, emotionally charged things.  Why he does this is open to conjecture or speculation.  It may very well be that his brain is ossified (or calcified) – like I just typed, the why is open to speculation.  If so, then Mr. Biden is not fully responsible for his inciteful (sic) remarks.  As well, he is not then competent to be in the role of Vice President of the country.

Another truth is that Mr. Obama is not a demigod.  He is (and has amply proven to be) a very frail, fallible human being.  (We would go further and say that he suffers from some very serious character flaws.)

Another truth is that Senate majority leader Reid is a liar (and a frequent one at that), and does appear to be an idiot as well.

A final truth is that Speaker Boehner is not a fiscal conservative, nor a conservative of any kind.  He does not represent the majority of Americans in his political and personal cowardice.


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