Breaking: US pediatricians continue to lie about circumcision

Breaking: US pediatricians continue to lie about circumcision

Sitting down to lunch, the radio news (Fox News Radio) made me lose my appetite as they reported on the US pediatricians again recommending and touting infant male circumcision.  The US is the only country in the world to do this needless mutilation to its newborn males for non-religious reasons. 

Here is a link to an article that covers this story:

Here is what circumcision does not do:

It does not prevent or stop masturbation.  (The original justification for it in the US in the late 1800s.)

It does not prevent cervical cancer.  (If that were true, cervical cancer would be rare in the USA).

Circumcision does not prevent or lessen the spread of venereal diseases as the US has some of the highest infection rates in the world and also has a majority of adult males who are circumcised (from birth).  You know what causes the spread of STDs doctors?  It is sexual promiscuity.

It does not lessen or prevent UTIs to any significant degree.  UTIs can be simply treated with antibiotics and do not justify the amputation of healthy tissue.

Circumcision is not warranted because of any “cleanliness” concerns.  A natural (uncut) man can gently wash his genitals regularly, same as any woman can easily do, and be clean.

Here is what circumcision does:

It deprives the woman and the man of the full joys of natural sexual love that God intended for them (because it abnormalizes coitus for both the wife and the husband).  It deprives the boy child of his right to bodily integrity.  Women have a right to natural (uncut, intact) husbands.

You pediatricians say that it is for the parents to decide.  You are wrongParents have no right to deprive their children of their rights.

Hey, pediatricians, I have six years of college (BS and MS degrees) and I do not talk through my rectum.  Why do you?

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