Music: Gerry Rafferty, Van Halen, Billy Idol, and Rush

Music:  Gerry Rafferty, Van Halen, Billy Idol, and Rush

The beat goes on……if they don’t have mozzarella cheese in heaven, i’m not going.

Now to our music videos, as we have not done any in a while.  A word about Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty in 1978.  This song started climbing the charts in late May or early June and was at the top of the pop charts in July and August, 1978.  As it slowly descended the charts in the autumn, you could still hear it being played often in November.

One day, on a break from a summer job in 1978, I went out to the car and turned on the radio.  Hitting the push buttons, just about all of them came up with this song.  No exaggeration.  On one station, Baker Street was nearing its end, on another it was just starting, and on a third it was midstream.  The fourth station punched was just finishing some commercials, and, you guessed it. launched into Baker Street.  Rafferty had been around for several years prior to this, but Baker Street undeniably was his breakthrough hit.     Baker Street

Now, let us turn to a group that made its debut with its first album in early 1978 – Van Halen.      Runnin’ with the Devil – no video really just the song from 1978    Beautiful Girls  from the second album    Dance the Night Away from the second album

Now for some classic Billy Idol !!!    Eyes without a face (you may have to skip the advertisement to get right into the video if one comes up)    Flesh for Fantasy (the title describes this video perfectly!)

Rush – here is the entire Permanent Waves full album (1980).  (You can click on the song(s) you want by clicking on the times they start at.  You will be able to do this if you click on “Show more” underneath the video.  Then scroll down and the song list should appear.)

Now before closing, instead of reblogging we give mention to another blogger’s work.

This young woman (of faith), Linda, has suffered much with depression.  I can relate to that as depression has crushed me at times during my adult life, including a clinical depression (which one never forgets) in 1994.

If you have the time, you may want to check out her latest (short) essay here:

Each day can be a struggle for many of us.

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