Critique of (violent) Islam

Critique of (violent) Islam

No, not the Critique of Pure Reason by Immanuel Kant.  (Never liked Kant.)

Attention: Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Taoists, agnostics and atheists.

We were not going to revisit the issue of Islam so soon, but recent events in the past 36 hours have led us to take up this essay as it is timely.  The US embassy in Cairo was assaulted and the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya was stormed with 4 murders including the US ambassador (if news reports are correct).

Why the never ending violence towards others coming from Muslims?

(Bear with us, we will attempt to answer this question below.  Stick with us.)

If you study the history of Islam, or simply take a look at the world today, you see that Muslims simply cannot get along with non-Muslims.  (They cannot even get along with other Muslims because of sectarian strife (Wahhabis, Sunnis, and Shiites)).  Christians in Nigeria, South Sudan, the southern Philipines, and in Pakistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Egypt can attest to Muslim violence and atrocities.  Jews in Israel and in Europe are targeted for murder by Muslims.  (Recall the murders of Jewish school children in France earlier this year.)  Hindus and Sikhs in India can attest to Muslim violence directed at them in India.  (Mumbai, aka Bombay, India’s financial center, has been the target of repeated deadly terror attacks committed by Muslims.)  Even in the southern most part of Thailand, the Muslims cannot peacefully co-exist with the Buddhists.  In Indonesia, the Chinese Christian minority suffers persecutions from time to time.  And, in the cities of Europe, including England and France, Muslim youth have gone on periodic, violent rampages in recent years.

From this point forward, reader discretion is advised!  We will not self censure ourselves due to political correctness concerns or bowing to so-called “multiculturalism”.  Political correctness gets people killed.

The Muslims appear to believe that you, the “Infidel” (and that includes anyone in any of the above listed groups up at the top of this essay!), if you will not convert to Islam would be better off dead.  The world would be better off with you dead.  And, you yourself would be better off dead, if you refuse to convert to the “true religion”.  Sorry to say, many Muslims act on this passionately, fanatically held belief.  This is not abstract with them and the murders and other grave injustices (rapes, beatings, lootings, etc.) visited on innocent individuals around the globe are not abstract either.

Consider the speech given at Regensburg six years ago today, September 12, 2006, by Pope Benedict XVI, where, in the proper context of his talk, he was condemning violence as not being conducive to a constructive dialogue.  Many Muslims went out and violently protested after they concluded that they had been labelled violent.  One could not write better fiction!!  These violent Muslim mobs burned churches in east Africa and the Middle East, and murdered nuns and priests.  As the old adage goes, “actions speak louder than words”!

We rarely hear of condemnations by Muslims of the atrocities committed by other Muslims.  Why is that? you may ask.  Are such condemnations simply underreported in the news?  More likely is that such condemnations are not forthcoming from any Muslims.  Fear of becoming targets themselves for future violence could in part explain this.  As well, and this we believe to be likely, the silence of Muslims indicates consent or approval of the atrocities committed.

Now let’s postulate an answer to the question “why the never ending violence?”

After thinking on this issue at different times over many years and taking into account the written thoughts of individuals who have lived among Muslims in the Middle East (especially in Saudi Arabia and in Lebanon) in recent decades (there are several such authors), we have come to these conclusions and offer them as food for thought.  These views are not intended to be incitement to violence.  Any violence committed is on the heads of the ones committing the violence.  (Our blog stats are showing readers and visitors from Muslim countries.  So our concern is legitimate given the proclivity for violence.)

Aside from any Quran based instructions (commandments) to convert the entire world to Islam, the reason that the Muslims are the most intolerant people on the earth towards others of differing belief systems, is to us, because the Muslims feel (very) threatened by the competing belief systems.  Why do Muslims feel threatened by other religious beliefs?  Could it be that they are not sure of their beliefs?  Are they not secure in their thinking as to the veracity of the teachings of Islam?  Deep in his heart, the Muslim is unsure as to the truth of Islam.  Can that be an accurate description for many Muslims?

In this context, forcible conversions not only lessen the number of threatening people who hold to other views, but also serves to validate the Muslim in his religious views – at least in his thinking.

It is no secret, that in the seventh century, the Jews of Arabia rejected Mohammed and his claims to being a “prophet” primarily because he knew so very little about the Jewish scriptures.  Being the youngest of the major religions, Islam seems to be suffering from an inferiority complex and is trying too hard to prove or validate itself on the world stage.

In my personal opinion, based on the history of murderous violence with this belief system, I feel compelled to conclude that Islam is a violent ideology cloaked or garbed in a thin veneer of religiosity.  The theology does not sway me given the never ending violence coming from its adherents directed at innocent human beings.

Historically, there has only been one time that much of the Muslim world had been pacified (by non-Muslims).  That was in the mid 13th century by the descendants of Chingis Khan.  The medieval accounts are rather grisly.  After the Mongols passed through some cities (that were not willing to submit or surrender), the only living things left, by some accounts, were barking dogs.  The Mongols put Muslims to the sword even more readily than Muslims put others to the sword.  As the saying goes, “live by the sword, die by the sword”, or in more modern parlance “what comes around, goes around”.  (As well, Chingis did not want to come West (he wanted to concentrate on conquering more of China), but his ambassadors and caravan traders kept being killed by the Muslims in southwest Asia; so Chingis mounted an expedition around 1220 to pacify those enemies.)

The reason I mention this above historical anecdote is to demonstrate that many Muslims cannot be reasoned with because of their fanatical obsession with this violent ideology they pass off as a religion.  It reminds one of the 1984 movie, Terminator.  You could not reason or negotiate or find a “common ground” with a cyborg programmed to kill and do nothing else.

I am too angry and distressed by these latest outrages committed by Muslims to continue writing today.  So, we will end this essay.  But, make no mistake, we mean what we say.  We will not retract nor apologize for what we have written.

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