Thanks to WordPress and some beautiful art

We want to say “thank you” to WordPress for providing individuals with the ability to blog for free.  We all should be thankful for the opportunities to communicate and share our views, and to read the views and opinions of others around the world here on WordPress.

Now, we would like to share some art images.  The below images are all from A Flight of Butterflies.  (Dover Publications, 2006, ISBN: 0-486-44835-5)  This is a book featuring some of the paintings of Kanzaka Sekka (1866 – 1942), a Japanese painter in the Rimpa style.

These images are used with permission of Dover Publications, and are solely for your viewing pleasure.  (Yes, we will be remitting the appropriate fees to Dover shortly as we have already contacted them about our use of these images for this essay.)  Please do not copy or distribute these in any way.  If you are interested in the various books on art published by Dover, some with CD-ROMs included, you can see them on the Dover website,

This first image is number “005”.



This next image is number “025E”.



The below image is number “015”.



This next image is number “017”.



This next image is number “025I”.



This beautiful image below is number “031”.



The next image is number “031A”.



The below image is number “037”.



The last image is number “045”.


Hope you enjoyed these beautiful paintings.