Critique of Marriage


Greetings everyone.

Below are the links to several of the essays in our “marriage” category.  As we will not be doing many more essays on marriage and relationships, we wanted to offer this list of essay links to those WordPress readers who may not have seen them when they were first posted.  Some of these essays are quite long and are better viewed and easier read on full screen computer monitors rather than on hand held devices.

Two of the essays, parts 4 and 5 of the marriage series, have been revised and/or expanded.  This was done in an attempt to make these essays more helpful to women and men who are engaged to be married, or who are recently married.

We highly recommend the below essays, and especially so to those who are considering marriage or who are recently married.  Please feel free to forward these links to any friends or relatives who you think might benefit from reading and thinking about them.


For prospective parents, read this essay as circumcision does great harm to marriages.

Here is a helpful essay for married couples.  (We have recently added a lengthy addendum to this next essay and additional helpful links.)  Highly recommended.

For the conceptual background to our views on married sexual love, see parts 1 and 2 of the marriage series.

For a brief commentary on the loving marriage relationship, and an explicit discussion of sex within marriage, read part 3.  (Readers really ought to read Part 3 before proceeding on to parts 4 and 5.)

For our explicit treatment of oral sex within a loving marriage, read essay parts 4 and 5.  Reader discretion is advised.  Suitable for open-minded adults.  (These essays can help women who are uncomfortable with performing oral sex for their husband.)

Also, along the lines of essays parts 4 and 5, we include this more recent essay here:

Here is an important and informative essay on birth control:

Thanks again for reading and thinking about these issues.  Please forward these essays on to those you know who may benefit from them.


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