US election: single women hold the key

US election: single women hold the key

“America, where are you now?  Don’t you care about your sons and daughters?”  from the song “Monster” by the rock group Steppenwolf (late 1960s).

Stick with me, and we will get to single women hold the key to the upcoming election.

In the US, we do not have very good choices for President and for Congress in the approaching election.  We all know that the Republicans are not for smaller government.  (Their actions over the past few decades prove that.)  They do not possess the courage to make the tough decisions and take the difficult actions to reign in the out of control government spending that is paralyzing our economy (still the world’s largest).  Recall, the current Speaker of the House of Representatives, Boehner, caving in late July, 2011, and approving a massive increase to the nation’s debt limit which allows Obama to piss away more money we do not have.  (“We cannot shut the government down to make Obama accept less profligate spending.  The news media will blame us.”  Speaker Boehner did not say those words publicly, but if he was honest he would have.)

What we fail to understand is if Obama can sign a so-called stimulus bill in the first few weeks of his presidency that increases the yearly deficit by several hundred billions of dollars for each year (and is the main reason that we have a deficit of more than a trillion dollars each year as the spending of the stimulus is a yearly repeating thing, and not a one time shot to the economy in 2009), why cannot Romney, if he were elected and his party take control of the Senate, sign a bill that removes all the “stimulus” programs at one time and thereby would reduce the yearly deficit by several hundred billions of dollars in 2013?!

The simple answer is: there is no political will to do so.  (The stimulus was bull crap anyways.  Federal workers are getting newer, cushier office buildings.  Other supporters of Obama and the Democrats are being paid back for their support.  All this is not stimulating the economy.  We still have massive unemployment and underemployment levels that have not been seen since pre World War II days in the USA.)

These Republicans will not attempt to reform the massive entitlement programs that are clearly unsustainable (which will become painfully apparent even to hardcore leftists in the next few years).  The Republicans fear being labelled “racist” or “sexist” or “anti-immigrant”.

We are even hearing rumors that Romney and the Republicans are not serious about repealing “ObamaCare”.  Most Americans want this federal government power grab – that does not fix health care – to be repealed ASAP.  The Roberts’ Supreme Court erred badly in not striking this law down (which we already addressed in a previous essay, Reflections for Independence Day).

Social conservatives know that the Republicans will not do anything substantive for them either.

So, if there is not much difference between the Republicans and the Democrats, why vote for a change?!  The analogy that we’ve heard before is that the Democrats are taking the country towards the cliff at 90 miles per hour (for Europeans, that is about 150 kilometres per hour).  Whereas, the Republicans are headed towards the same cliff but are content with only moving at 45 miles per hour to get there.  Either way, we are going over the cliff.

The only thing one might say for Romney is that perhaps he can get the economy growing again.  Obama clearly cannot.

All the recent polls indicate a very close election for President.

Okay, single white women will decide this election for President (on November 6, 2012).  Single black women will vote 98 or 99 per cent for Obama.  Single Asian and single Hispanic women are split in their views of Obama, but still favor Obama albeit by much smaller margins.

Single white women will vote by a very large margin for Obama yet the Obama economy has been neither kind, nor gentle to them.  Single white women as a group are not a miniscule portion of the voting population.

Here I defer to someone who is more expert and more articulate in these matters.  Dick Morris worked in the Clinton administration during Bill Clinton’s first term.  Last week, there had been a video of the below quoted and linked essay where Morris basically expanded a bit on the contents of his essay.  That has been taken down from his website.  It is not clear why.  Perhaps, he received too many negative comments?  So, we offer the written essay that covers the main points.

Here we quote from the essay:

There is no gender gap. There is a marriage gap. A Sept. 13 poll I conducted (912 likely voters, national sample) found that while married white women back Romney by 55 to 40 percent, unmarried white women back Obama by 60-32! Since unmarried white women are 45 percent of all white women, this marriage gap poses a huge problem for Romney — the central problem.

This is from the essay “Mother of All Economies”, published on on September 18, 2012.  Here is the link:

Morris’ main point that we wish to call attention to is that single white women are favoring Obama because of their concern over abortion rights, contraception, and equal pay (possibly also child support).  Yet, it is Obama’s economic policies that are preventing them from gaining access to better jobs so they can improve their lot in life.  Morris uses the phrase “feminization of poverty” to drive this point home.  Many more single women are in poverty now than 4 years ago.  This is Obama’s economy, and if he is re-elected we can only expect more of the same from him.

Romney is not going to take away women’s rights.  But, Obama will not change course.  The Obama economy will continue to keep women down, and reduce their economic opportunities for a better life.

Dear US readers, if you know of any women, single or married, who are unemployed or underemployed in the Obama economy, you might want to forward the link to Mr. Morris’ opinion piece on to them for their consideration.

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