Bumper Stickers

Bumper Stickers

Hey everyone,

While we are working on a couple of draft essays for posting over the next several days, we thought that we would share some amusing bumper stickers and miscellaneous images.  These are rated “G” for all audiences, and they are for your enjoyment.

This first sticker is from zazzle.com.



This next image is from lolbrary.com.



This next bumper sticker we have seen on a vehicle or two in our area in recent years.  It is from stickergiant.com.

The below sticker is from zazzle.com and cautions against reckless driving.



This next sticker reminds us that there is a certain charm to a southern accent in women.  It is from stickergiant.com.


Here is a sticker boldly celebrating female power in today’s society.  It is from zazzle.com.



The last image’s message is no surprise to those of us who try to keep to the posted speed limit on the highways.  It is courtesy of zazzle.com.



Have a great day!  And, optimistically our next essay will go up on Wednesday (North America time).  Larry

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