the face of obama

the face of obama

Caution:  Die-hard aficionados of Barack Obama may wish to skip this essay.

This is a conclusion that we now feel compelled to draw (or to face up to).  We never thought a few years ago when President Obama took office that we would have to confront so disturbing a conclusion.  But, based on the very real economic misery he has caused to 300 million Americans (and the misery he has inflicted on future generations yet unborn through his profligate and reckless spending), we can no longer avoid the harsh reality, and the sad facts.  This harsh reality includes the massive expansion of government regulations and government intrusion into our lives.  The most onerous example of which is the phased in implementation of ObamaCare (the worst features will come into play during 2013 and 2014).

The inescapable conclusion:  Hope and change were lies.

We say the face of Obama is the face of arrogance, deceit, and betrayal.

His face is that of socialism, a bankrupt philosophy with foreign (European) roots.

Should we continue to be tolerant of this man’s incompetence?  Consider a quote from G. K. Chesterton:

“Tolerance is the virtue of a man without conviction.”

Notwithstanding the Obama adoring news media, let’s hope US voters will come to their senses, and vote for a stronger, more prosperous US economy for the benefit of all Americans.

Breaking today are the new “unemployment” figures.  As the corrupt news media in the US is busy touting these figures, others are debunking these figures as they are fraudulent.  Many very discouraged job seekers, millions in fact, have withdrawn from the labor force as they have given up looking for work.  These people are not counted in the calculations.

The below image has made it around the world a few times in the past several months.  It appears on several sites and is not copyrighted to our knowledge.  (We first saw it on a local radio station’s website early in 2012.)  The recent college grads who took this photo will be telling their grandchildren about it one day.

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