What if there were nothing?

….. Absolutely nothing.

No God.  Therefore, no creation.  No being.  No life.  No thought.  No consciousness.  No matter.  No energy.  No spirit.

No subject.  No object.  No past.  No future.

Nothing ever existed and nothing ever could exist.

Just darkness.  Total void.  Non-existence.  Nihil.  Absolute nullity.

My mind reflexively recoils rapidly from this thought (or anti-thought).

It is not that my mind (ego) is shocked or traumatized at the possibility of a world wherein I was never born.  Rather, it is not being able to face the idea or prospect of no creation, no life, no consciousness at all.

If God did not exist…..well, you would not be reading these words, and these words would not have been written.  Absolute nullity.  Does your mind recoil from trying to picture it?

Yet, we are here in this creation.  God exists.  And, God did choose to create us.  (Why?  We may not really “know” why.)  So, we are here.  It is now.  We are alive and conscious of being so.  Let us appreciate that.

And, the next time we see a flower, hear a bird singing, see the sun rise or set, or see a child’s smile, let us be thankful and feel joy.



Practice random acts of kindness.