health: the prevalence and danger of intestinal parasites

health:  the prevalence and danger of intestinal parasites

Greetings everyone.

Intestinal parasites (both protozoa and worms) are an ongoing health concern even in industrial countries.  In many cases, the presence of these parasites is not suspected as their symptoms are similar to the symptoms from other digestive tract problems.

You can view this 10 minute video clip on YouTube that addresses this health concern.  The doctor is a specialist and she does a thorough job of explaining this often overlooked health issue.  (The real discussion begins at about 1:45 in to the video.)

Fortunately, these parasites can be eliminated without surgery.  There are natural remedies that some individuals use to rid the body of them.  The conventional medicine is to determine exactly which parasites a person has, and then an anti-biotic regimen is prescribed to kill them (and the remains are eliminated through bowel movements).

Intestinal parasites can be responsible for chronic fatigue and anemia (discussed in video clip).  As these parasites are robbing you of nutrients, your overall health is impacted and weakened.  (Parents take note: Children are more seriously and adversely impacted by parasites than adults.)

My advice is to be careful when eating salads at restaurants.  That is how I was infected with these parasites.  Vegetables and lettuce need to be washed thoroughly before eating.  Not wanting the unduly and excessively salty soups that restaurants offer, I was opting for salads.  Going forward, both will be declined.

Here are some things to consider adding to your diet that can help you if these parasites are already in your intestines.  As well, these foods can help to lessen the chance of being infected by these parasites.  (All of these have been written about in online articles, so, as always, do your own research to make informed decisions for what is right for you.)

Garlic can be taken in capsule or caplet form, or the fresh cloves (from the market) can be used in cooking.  Garlic has many helpful properties and has been used for thousands of years to treat a wide variety of ailments.

Pumpkin seeds (raw) can help to destroy worms and have other health benefits.  You need to eat them daily (in sufficient quantity) for several weeks for this to be effective.  Many bulk grocers carry them and you can try health food stores as well.

Papaya seeds and whole organic papaya fruit are even more powerful against intestinal parasites in humans.  Here again, you need to eat them daily for several weeks to destroy the parasites.  Papaya helps overall digestion in persons without parasites and it has a wide range of other health benefits.  Papaya is powerful in destroying cancerous cells and along with bok choy, broccoli, and green tea, should be in your arsenal of cancer preventers and fighters.  So, you can eat papaya anyway and reap its benefits.  Even dried papaya is good to eat.

Wormwood tea – discussed in video.  Be aware that there are some risks in using Wormwood.  Do not use Wormwood oil or herbal preparations from the Wormwood plant(Artemisia absinthium).  The plant contains the compound “thujone” which can, in large concentrations, cause serious side effects and health damage.  The tea may be relatively safe if it is thujone free and not consumed in large quantities.  Before ordering any, contact the supplier and ask if the product is free of thujone.

Turmeric (present in yellow mustard or as a spice for use in meal preparation) can help to eliminate parasites and has other health benefits.

Just food for thought.

The below photo is of Lucy on a company business trip she is on with several of her co-workers.

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