Two for Tuesday: Infant Circumcision and Obama

Two for Tuesday: Infant Circumcision and Obama

What is the common factor here?

Neither infant male circumcision nor Obama has been good for the USA.

Thanks to Intact America for the pic below.

And, women how would you feel if your clitoral hood had been surgically removed within days (or hours) of your birth?  Think about it!

No other industrial country in the world does this routinely to their baby boys.  None.  They do not mutilate their sons in Europe, nor in Japan, nor in China, nor in Russia, nor in India, nor in Brasil, etc.  The needless practice is dying out in Australia and Canada.  Stop being so ego-centric America.  Admit this circumcision nonsense has been a terrible mistake.

Do not expect leadership from the churches in America on this issue.  They do not want to admit that they have been wrong in failing to condemn this unnecessary, barbarous and superstitious practice that began in ancient Egypt thousands of ignorant years ago.

Intact America was protesting this past weekend outside the US pediatricians convention in New Orleans.  Find them on Facebook for related photos and articles.  (Highly recommended as their Facebook page is even better than their main website.)

One of the hottest pages on Facebook right now is the “Nobama” page of folks who voted for Obama in 2008, but who will not be voting for him in 2012.  The comments are great.

Think about it!

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