How pro-lifers in politics helped re-elect Barack Obama

How pro-lifers in politics helped re-elect Barack Obama

With the national popular vote split nearly 50 – 50, President Obama wins in the Electoral College and will be the US President for 4 more years.

This is an all or nothing type essay.  If you start it and do not finish it, you may draw the wrong conclusions as to the points I am trying to make.  As well, I am not a member of any political party, but am a concerned citizen of the USA.  There is no desire to be pessimistic here, but there is little reason, at present, for optimism.

Here are some not so random thoughts on the outcome of the US election.  First off, Obama Care is here to stay.  Once the private delivery of health care is dismantled, it cannot be brought back at a later time.  (Correspond with anyone you know in Canada or in the UK about this.)  Privacy as to medical history will be less than optimal.  For example, if you have had an abortion(s), government bureaucrats and others will be able to see that in your comprehensive medical history.  (Not all women who have had abortions want that to be known.)

Next, the failed economic policies of Obama will likely be continued.  Attacking small businesses (the job creators) through excessive regulations and ongoing threats of increased taxation is not sound policy.  Neither are trillion dollar yearly federal deficits.  We will continue along in economic stagnation much like during the 1930s under Franklin Roosevelt.  We may not be as bad off as Weimar Germany (1920s), but we will not be in “good times” either.

Noted as an important voting group in the essay about single women holding the key to the election (posted in late September), single women voted for Obama in significant numbers in many of the so-called swing or battle ground states.  There is the truth and then there is the perception of the truth.  The so-called war on women, real or imagined, motivated many single women and many married women to vote for Obama in key states.  They were worried that their “reproductive rights” could or would be taken from them if Romney was elected.  (Many women are “pro-choice” or ambivalent on the issue (until they find themselves pregnant unexpectedly).  Most women are not “pro-life” in the US.)

There is an irony here.  Republicans have given election year campaign rhetoric and lip service to the pro-life voters for the past 30 or so years to win their votes.  But, the Republicans have yet to attempt to limit or prohibit abortions in any substantive way.  (They take the pro-life voters for granted, much the way that the Democrats take the black vote for granted.)  Therefore, the fear of women about losing reproductive rights was not justified.  (Women would still be able to get abortions, obtain other birth control devices, and/or use other regimens.)  The re-election of Obama, however, insures the continuation of failed economic policies that are keeping so many single mothers and other single women and many married women unemployed and underemployed.  (Obama will not change course.  He has invested too much of his adult life in these socialist fancies to change now.  He will choose to reinforce failure.)

It is a gag for their conscience when pro-life people vote for the Republicans.  The lives of children in the womb are not saved by voting for Republicans.  The lives that are saved are saved by sidewalk counselors in front of the abortion mills who offer women caring alternatives to abortion.  As well, the shelters for pregnant women and girls, who want their babies to live, also help save many lives each year.

Personally, I think it would be better to get the abortion issue out of politics in the US.  (And, I am not rabidly pro-abortion.)  Abortion has become ingrained and accepted in the culture now, and there is not the political will to end it or to meaningfully curtail it.  Romney and a Republican controlled US Senate would not have moved to seriously curtail or prohibit abortion or any other forms of birth control (abortifacient or truly contraceptive).  Obama has been re-elected in no small measure over this issue albeit the Republicans would not take it up if elected.

There is a good chance that there will not be another Republican president.  If that party could not oust Barack Obama after his policies have prevented the economy from recovering, it is difficult to see much confidence and enthusiasm being generated for them in the future in enough states to win the presidency.  The majority of women will not vote for a Republican for president unless and until the Republicans adopt a neutral or “pro-choice” position on abortion.  Since the Republicans were never truly fiscal conservatives, there is a real chance that fiscal conservatives will form a new party of their own.  (Watch for Boehner to cave in to all of Obama’s spending schemes and demands.  Boehner is very short of courage or backbone.  Not to worry.  The funny money never has to be paid back anyway.  Nevertheless, we will be serfs at the mercy of the bankers and the politicos.)

Dear readers, do not take my word for it.  See how this plays out (in the US) over the next 2 to 4 years as whole states opt for bankruptcy under their crushing debt burdens.

While we Americans endure unemployment and underemployment, there still is blogging.

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