Flight 19 – the 1945 US navy planes disappearance

Flight 19 – the 1945 US navy planes disappearance

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With a diverse group of blog followers, we try to address a wide range of topics in the hopes that readers will find some essays of interest to them.  Let’s take up a historical mystery.  (We also briefly touch on Area 51 at the bottom of the essay.)

Unrelatd thought: It is a little funny that each generation (it seems) feels a prisoner of the times they live through.  And, people of each generation find that it is difficult to get others to overcome ingrained habits of thinking.

Avengers in flight pic (below) is courtesy of Wikipedia.

This is an unsolved mystery from December, 1945.  Since first reading about it in the 5th grade more than 40 years ago (in Strangely Enough), it has captivated my imagination.  (Any of you older readers recall the Scholastic Book Services (SBS) paperbacks in the late 1960s?  We ordered them through our teacher and they cost 35 cents and for longer books it may have been 45, 50, or up to 60 cents.  The US dollar sure has lost purchasing power over the decades.  SBS is still around and they have a website you can visit.)

Basically, the story, which many of you are familiar with through print or TV documentary, is that 5 US navy planes left their base in southern Florida and headed out over the Atlantic on a routine training or practice flight.  This was on the afternoon of December 5, 1945.  The area flown over is part of the now infamous Bermuda Triangle.

A few years back I did some web surfing on this incident and found a site with an article that suggests or asserts that the planes were never found because they headed back towards land and crashed into swamps on or near the state lines (border) of Florida and Georgia.  If true, that would certainly explain why no wreckage was found at sea.  The most thorough search will not find something if that something (wreckage) is not there to be found.

This idea is plausible as the sun would have set in the southwest at that time of year, and with malfunctioning instruments, the pilots could have manually directed their planes due west towards the long Florida peninsula.  (Just keep the low sun to your left and the plane would be going west.)  As night falls, stay on course and with adequate fuel, the planes would have reached land.

They Flew into Oblivion: The Disappearance of Flight 19 by Gian Quasar (a pseudonym?) puts forth this explanation based upon Gian’s extensive research.

You can visit his website at the following links for more on his research and conclusions.


This next link is to a somewhat lengthy piece – for the interested reader:



Other websites had essays or articles suggesting that the 5 planes got caught up in the take off of a UFO (spacecraft) from a subsurface base on the ocean floor.  The planes were taken with the spacecraft out of the Earth’s atmosphere.  Here is where some of these essays really make one wonder.  The wreckage of one plane is said to be in orbit around the earth encased in frozen sea water.  Supposedly, a NASA photograph captured this (NASA photo I.D. number is: AS-11-36-5319, see below).  (There is even a claim that a WWII era bomber is on the surface of the moon.)  Of course, there remains the problem of accounting for the one search plane that also disappeared later while looking for the 5 lost planes.

If you are interested in these UFO explanations, you can visit this link:


For other points of view, the interested reader can visit these sites:

http://leesaylor.com/Bermuda-Triangle.html – a skeptic or cynic’s take on the Bermuda Triangle

http://thechurchofufology.blogspot.com/2010/07/finding-of-flight-19.html  – UFO interaction?

NASA pic is by disclose.tv

Now for a larger version of the same shot.  NASA pic 2 is by disclose.tv  (North America and Greenland can be clearly seen in this photo.)

Some accounts of the disappearance of the 5 navy planes include a purported last radio transmission from one of the planes with the words “Don’t come after me.  They look like they are from outer space.”  Controversy exists here as to the veracity of that quote.

This photo of lightning is courtesy of nws.noaa.gov

There are theories to explain the disappearance without trace of surface ships in these waters.  One recent theory suggests that once a ship sinks, its sinking wreckage can be moved very rapidly dozens or even hundreds of miles by the very powerful Gulf Stream current.  But, how does that account for the absence of any floating wreckage (flotsam) that one would expect from both surface ships and from planes that go down in these waters?

The Bermuda Triangle is notorious for terrible storms and hurricanes that can move in quickly.  The Spanish lost many ships there over three centuries (1500s – 1800s) returning from the New World.  Modern treasure seekers and salvers have recovered some of the cargo (gold, silver, gem stones) of these wrecks in recent decades.

Area 51

This area in east central Nevada (USA) about 150 miles north of Las Vegas is now widely known for claims of super secret technologies being developed and tested there and for possible alien visitations.  This part of Nevada is home to a large military reservation called Nellis Air Force Base.  The only other people outside the military are cattle ranchers and the few inhabitants of very small towns (really hamlets).  The mining activity is in other parts of the state.

In the very late 1980s and the early 1990s, we travelled this state highway, Nevada 375, while on vacations.  It is a very lonely part of a rather desolate state (with few people outside its few cities).  I recall pulling off the road on a Sunday morning in June (1989) and letting the children climb on some nearby boulders as Lucy and I prepared a snack to eat.  We were stopped for probably 20 to 25 minutes and did not see a car go by on either side of the road the entire time.  The hamlet of Rachel was less well known and seemed even more remote back then.

We include a link here to an account of a journalist’s visit to the area in 2007.  There is a great photo (property of the New York Times) in this article that shows the black asphalt of the two lane highway fading in the distance of far off mountains.  You see this type of scenery on many of the state’s 2 lane highways.  The desert always looks better early in the day with a low angle sun.  The article is worth a read and does a better job describing the area than we can do here.


Open range is by pecangroup.org  (Not sure when they added the flying saucer to the road signs.  It must have been later than the mid 1990s.)


ET Highway is from theblondecoyote.com

The original highway number sign looked like this:

Highway sign (below) is by azfoo.net  This is at the northern terminus of highway 375 driving east from Tonopah on US 6.

Many unexplained mysteries in this world.  More questions than answers.  But, if there were no mysteries, no challenges, life would be rather boring.

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  1. My dad is 86 years old. Hewas a crewman abord one of the search planes 1945 in the bermuda triangle. His squadron spent over 11 hours looking for survivors or wreckage of the planes of flight 19 . Are there any other navy pilots or crewman still alive from that day?

    1. Thanks George for your comment. I do not know if there are any remaining pilots alive from that day in December, 1945. It still is a mystery. One that is rather unnerving for many readers.

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