index of most helpful essays with links

index of most helpful essays with links

Greetings everyone!

For the benefit of recent blog subscribers, and for new Facebook friends that are now visiting the blog, we offer this index of what we think are the most helpful essays since mid September (with a few earlier essays included).  The links include the essay titles and indicate in a general way the subject matter of the essays.  Please click on and read the essays that are of interest to you.  As well, be sociable and share any essays (the links) with any friends who may be interested in them.

The purpose of our blog is to (gently) remind readers that there are other points of view, other perspectives, to life’s challenges.  (We do not always do a good job of conveying this, we know.)  Sometimes, considering other perspectives can help us see things more clearly and make better, more constructive choices in how we live our lives.  We cannot change or remake the world to any significant degree, but we can choose to live in ways so that we do not let the current state of the world unduly depress us or unduly harm us.

Here are the 20 or so links in no particular order:

Hopefully, these essays will be of benefit to at least a few individuals.  Best wishes to all!

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